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[smlnj] Diff of /config/trunk/actions
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Diff of /config/trunk/actions

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revision 2140, Thu Nov 2 16:20:25 2006 UTC revision 2182, Tue Nov 7 17:38:52 2006 UTC
# Line 6  Line 6 
6  # (C) 2006 The Fellowship of SML/NJ  # (C) 2006 The Fellowship of SML/NJ
7  #  #
9  smlnj-lib ulib unix-lib.cm      unix-lib.cm      src/smlnj-lib/Unix  smlnj-lib ulib unix-lib.cm      unix-lib.cm      smlnj-lib/Unix
10  smlnj-lib  lib inet-lib.cm      inet-lib.cm      src/smlnj-lib/INet  smlnj-lib  lib inet-lib.cm      inet-lib.cm      smlnj-lib/INet
11  smlnj-lib  lib regexp-lib.cm    regexp-lib.cm    src/smlnj-lib/RegExp  smlnj-lib  lib regexp-lib.cm    regexp-lib.cm    smlnj-lib/RegExp
12  smlnj-lib  lib reactive-lib.cm  reactive-lib.cm  src/smlnj-lib/Reactive  smlnj-lib  lib reactive-lib.cm  reactive-lib.cm  smlnj-lib/Reactive
13  smlnj-lib  lib hash-cons-lib.cm hash-cons-lib.cm src/smlnj-lib/HashCons  smlnj-lib  lib hash-cons-lib.cm hash-cons-lib.cm smlnj-lib/HashCons
15  cml lib cml core-cml.cm     src/cml/src  cml lib cml core-cml.cm     cml/src
16  cml lib cml cml-internal.cm src/cml/src  cml lib cml cml-internal.cm cml/src
17  cml lib cml cml.cm          src/cml/src  cml lib cml cml.cm          cml/src
18  cml lib cml basis.cm        src/cml/src  cml lib cml basis.cm        cml/src
20  cml-lib lib cml-lib      trace-cml.cm src/cml/cml-lib/cm-descr  cml-lib lib cml-lib      trace-cml.cm cml/cml-lib/cm-descr
21  cml-lib lib cml-lib      smlnj-lib.cm src/cml/cml-lib/cm-descr  cml-lib lib cml-lib      smlnj-lib.cm cml/cml-lib/cm-descr
23  eXene lib eXene.cm eXene.cm src/eXene  eXene lib eXene.cm eXene.cm eXene
25  ckit lib ckit-lib.cm ckit-lib.cm ckit/src  ckit lib ckit-lib.cm ckit-lib.cm ckit/src
27  ml-nlffi-lib lib c memory/memory.cm   src/ml-nlffi-lib  ml-nlffi-lib lib c memory/memory.cm   nlffi/lib
28  ml-nlffi-lib lib c internals/c-int.cm src/ml-nlffi-lib  ml-nlffi-lib lib c internals/c-int.cm nlffi/lib
29  ml-nlffi-lib lib c c.cm               src/ml-nlffi-lib  ml-nlffi-lib lib c c.cm               nlffi/lib
31  pgraph-util lib pgraph-util.cm pgraph-util.cm src/cm/pgraph  pgraph-util lib pgraph-util.cm pgraph-util.cm pgraph
33    tdp-util lib smlnj-tdp plugins.cm trace-debug-profile
34    tdp-util lib smlnj-tdp back-trace.cm trace-debug-profile
35    tdp-util lib smlnj-tdp coverage.cm trace-debug-profile
37  mlrisc libanchor Control.cm SMLNJ-MLRISC  mlrisc libanchor Control.cm SMLNJ-MLRISC
38  mlrisc libanchor Lib.cm     SMLNJ-MLRISC  mlrisc libanchor Lib.cm     SMLNJ-MLRISC
# Line 37  Line 41 
41  mlrisc libanchor MLTREE.cm  SMLNJ-MLRISC  mlrisc libanchor MLTREE.cm  SMLNJ-MLRISC
42  mlrisc libanchor Graphs.cm  SMLNJ-MLRISC  mlrisc libanchor Graphs.cm  SMLNJ-MLRISC
43  mlrisc libanchor IA32.cm    SMLNJ-MLRISC  mlrisc libanchor IA32.cm    SMLNJ-MLRISC
44  mlrisc anchor Peephole.cm src/MLRISC/cm  mlrisc anchor Peephole.cm MLRISC/cm
45  mlrisc lib OTHER-MLRISC RA.cm            src/MLRISC/cm SMLNJ-MLRISC  mlrisc lib OTHER-MLRISC RA.cm            MLRISC/cm SMLNJ-MLRISC
46  mlrisc lib OTHER-MLRISC Peephole.cm      src/MLRISC/cm SMLNJ-MLRISC  mlrisc lib OTHER-MLRISC Peephole.cm      MLRISC/cm SMLNJ-MLRISC
47  mlrisc lib OTHER-MLRISC IA32-Peephole.cm src/MLRISC/cm SMLNJ-MLRISC  mlrisc lib OTHER-MLRISC IA32-Peephole.cm MLRISC/cm SMLNJ-MLRISC
49  mlrisc-tools lib mlrisc-tools pp.cm             src/MLRISC/Tools  mlrisc-tools lib mlrisc-tools pp.cm             MLRISC/Tools
50  mlrisc-tools lib mlrisc-tools source-map.cm     src/MLRISC/Tools  mlrisc-tools lib mlrisc-tools source-map.cm     MLRISC/Tools
51  mlrisc-tools lib mlrisc-tools sml-ast.cm        src/MLRISC/Tools  mlrisc-tools lib mlrisc-tools sml-ast.cm        MLRISC/Tools
52  mlrisc-tools lib mlrisc-tools prec-parser.cm    src/MLRISC/Tools  mlrisc-tools lib mlrisc-tools prec-parser.cm    MLRISC/Tools
53  mlrisc-tools lib mlrisc-tools parser.cm         src/MLRISC/Tools  mlrisc-tools lib mlrisc-tools parser.cm         MLRISC/Tools
54  mlrisc-tools lib mlrisc-tools match-compiler.cm src/MLRISC/Tools  mlrisc-tools lib mlrisc-tools match-compiler.cm MLRISC/Tools
56  ml-yacc  prog ml-yacc src  ml-yacc  prog ml-yacc src
57  ml-lex   prog  ml-lex   prog
58  lexgen   prog lexgen src  lexgen   prog lexgen src
59    ml-ulex  dprog ml-ulex - ml-lpt/ml-ulex
60    ml-antlr dprog ml-antlr - ml-lpt/ml-antlr
61  ml-burg  prog  ml-burg  prog
62  heap2asm prog  heap2asm prog
64  ml-nlffigen dprog  ml-nlffigen dprog ml-nlffigen - nlffi/gen
65  nowhere     dprog nowhere - src/MLRISC/Tools  nowhere     dprog nowhere - MLRISC/Tools/nowhere

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