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[smlnj] Diff of /config/trunk/actions
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Diff of /config/trunk/actions

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revision 3204, Thu Aug 14 21:20:50 2008 UTC revision 3205, Fri Aug 15 04:01:25 2008 UTC
# Line 69  Line 69 
69  cm              src  cm              src
70  system          src  system          src
72  # Components of the SML/NJ library:  # Components of the SML/NJ library that are not used by the compiler:
73  #    (unix-lib.cm is installed only on Unix-like systems)  #    (unix-lib.cm is installed only on Unix-like systems)
74  smlnj-lib ulib unix-lib.cm      unix-lib.cm      smlnj-lib/Unix  smlnj-lib ulib unix-lib.cm      unix-lib.cm      smlnj-lib/Unix
75  smlnj-lib  lib inet-lib.cm      inet-lib.cm      smlnj-lib/INet  smlnj-lib  lib inet-lib.cm      inet-lib.cm      smlnj-lib/INet
76  smlnj-lib  lib regexp-lib.cm    regexp-lib.cm    smlnj-lib/RegExp  smlnj-lib  lib regexp-lib.cm    regexp-lib.cm    smlnj-lib/RegExp
77  smlnj-lib  lib reactive-lib.cm  reactive-lib.cm  smlnj-lib/Reactive  smlnj-lib  lib reactive-lib.cm  reactive-lib.cm  smlnj-lib/Reactive
78  smlnj-lib  lib hash-cons-lib.cm hash-cons-lib.cm smlnj-lib/HashCons  smlnj-lib  lib hash-cons-lib.cm hash-cons-lib.cm smlnj-lib/HashCons
79    smlnj-lib  lib json-lib.cm      json-lib.cm      smlnj-lib/JSON
81  # Concurrent ML:  # Concurrent ML:
82  cml lib cml core-cml.cm     cml/src  cml lib cml core-cml.cm     cml/src

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