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View of /dev-notes/TODO.md

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Sun Sep 23 15:07:51 2018 UTC (11 months ago) by jhr
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adding TODO item

This is a list of things (both major and minor) that should be fixed/improved/changes
in the SML/NJ compiler.

* The `CPS.SWITCH` construct only supports tagged integer arguments (this limitation
  is because of the way that jump-table indices is handled in `CodeGen/mlriscGen.sml`).
  It should be generalized to boxed, fixed-precision, integer types.

* switches on strings use string equality as the basic operation (the `CPS.P.streq` and
  `CPS.strneq` operators), which does not allow for binary search.  Replace these with
  a `STRCMP` three-way branch in the `cexp` type.

* All of the intermediate representations (FLINT, CPS, etc.) use the same LambdaVar.lvar
  type to represent variables.  There should be distinct types for these to avoid
  potential confusion and errors.

* FLINT types (`FLINT/kernel`) need a thorough overhaul. There are too
  many layers of type representations, and the complexity of Nadathur
  closures is probably unjustified. Even the hash-consing of types may
  no longer be justified -- depends on the space blowup without
  it. FLINT primative types for numbers do not distinguish between
  signed and unsigned numbers (i.e. ints and words). Should they?
* The `unboxedFloats` flag in the `MACH_SPEC` signature is true for all targets; can
  we get rid of it?

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