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View of /dev-notes/primops.txt

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Thu Oct 12 00:57:10 2017 UTC (23 months ago) by dbm
File size: 2999 byte(s)
completed primops.txt, minor edits to tycons-ptnums.txt
Primops in 110.81

  prim.sml  (structure PrimEnv, containing primEnv)


New Primops (110.82)

In 110.81, front-end primops are represented by strings (names). These are
defined in prim.sml in the value allPrimops, which is used to build the
InLine structure (which probably should have been called the Primop structure).
The corresponding types for the primops are defined in a red-black mapping
primopTypes (used to define the function primopTypeMap) in primoptypemap.sml.
This type map is used to assign types when building the InLine structure, and
also in FLINT/trans/translate.sml.

In FLINT, primops are defined as a datatype PrimOp.primop in kernel/primop.sml,
and the primop names from InLine are mapped to corresponding primop values
using the map primops (yielding function primopMap) in PrimOpMap (trans/primopmap.sml).

Primops in 110.82

  (* Semant/prim/primoptypemap.sml, obsolete and deleted *)

  prim-c-types.sml  (* duplicate version of MLRISC/c-calls/c-types.sml *)

[Note: There is probably no justification for splitting these files
between Semant and ElabData. All the primop-related files should be in
ElabData/prim. Fixing this will require updating the relevant cm files.]

In 110.82, the primop datatype has been moved from FLINT/kernel/primop.sml
to ElabData/prim/primop.{sig,sml}, allowing these primop values to be
used in the front-end, specifically in the construction of the InLine
structure in Semant/prim/prim-env.sml.

The association between a primop name (a string), its (intrinsic)
type, and the corresponding primop value is represented by the type
primop_bind defined in PrimopBind (ElabData/prim/primop-bind.sml). The
set of all such primop bindings is collected in the list
PrimopBindings.prims (Semant/prim/primop-bindings.sml).

The list of prims is then used in PrimEnv (Semant/prim/prim-env.sml)
to construct the InLine structure that is bound in the primitive

prim-c-types.sml is a duplicate of the file
MLRISC/c-calls/c-types.sml, which defines a type c_proto, which is
referred to in the types of the RAW_CCALL constructor in PrimOp.
This duplication should be fixed (as should the duplication of the
file within MLRISC itself!).  The argument of RAW_CCALL is an option
type and the value supplied in the construction of PrimopBindings is
NONE. Perhaps the use of the c_proto type (and hence the PrimCTypes
structure) could be avoided in PrimOp, eliminating the dependency.

cproto.sml defines a structure CProto. This is not needed for primops
in the front-end.  It is used only in FLINT/trans/translate.sml and
FLINT/cps/convert.sml.  It therefore probably does not belong in
ElabData/prim (or in the front-end in general).

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