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[smlnj] Diff of /doc/trunk/src/release-notes/110.81-README.html
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Diff of /doc/trunk/src/release-notes/110.81-README.html

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revision 4309, Thu Sep 15 01:31:46 2016 UTC revision 4310, Thu Sep 15 01:37:11 2016 UTC
# Line 119  Line 119 
119  <dl>  <dl>
120    <dt class="component">Successor ML:</dt>    <dt class="component">Successor ML:</dt>
121    <dd>    <dd>
122        <p>
123        The 110.81 release adds additional support for <b>Successor ML</b> syntactic extensions.
124        </p>
125        <p>
126          We have changed the way that <b>Successor ML</b> features are enabled from the REPL.
127          The function <span class="code">Control.setSuccML</span> is used to enable or disable
128          <b>Successor ML</b> (pass the argument <span class="code">true</span> to enable).
129        </p>
130    </dd>    </dd>
131  </dl>  </dl>
# Line 142  Line 150 
150      <p>The following unnumbered bugs were also fixed:      <p>The following unnumbered bugs were also fixed:
151      </p>      </p>
152      <ul class="buglist">      <ul class="buglist">
153          <li>Parser bugfix: we now allow `*` as a field label in record-punning patterns.</li>
154     </ul>     </ul>
156  <h3>Supported systems:</h3>  <h3>Supported systems:</h3>

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