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[smlnj] Diff of /osx-dist/build-pkg.sh
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Diff of /osx-dist/build-pkg.sh

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revision 3852, Wed Jul 17 21:47:59 2013 UTC revision 3853, Mon Aug 19 15:37:16 2013 UTC
# Line 92  Line 92 
92  mkdir $RSRC  mkdir $RSRC
93  sed -e "s/VERSION/$VERSION/g" components/distribution_xml.in > $RSRC/distribution.xml  sed -e "s/VERSION/$VERSION/g" components/distribution_xml.in > $RSRC/distribution.xml
94  cp -p components/smlnj-background.jpg $RSRC/background.jpg  cp -p components/smlnj-background.jpg $RSRC/background.jpg
95  sed -e "s/VERSION/$VERSION/g" components/welcome_html.in > $RSC/welcome.html  sed -e "s/VERSION/$VERSION/g" components/welcome_html.in > $RSRC/welcome.html
96  cp -p $DISTROOT/$VERSION-README.html $RSRC/readme.html  cp -p $DISTROOT/$VERSION-README.html $RSRC/readme.html
97  cp -p components/license.html $RSRC/license.html  cp -p components/license.html $RSRC/license.html
98  cp -p components/conclusion.html $RSRC/conclusion.html  cp -p components/conclusion.html $RSRC/conclusion.html

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