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Sun Mar 2 19:08:15 2003 UTC (18 years ago) by monnier
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Removed references to the Yale CVS repository.
    <title>Yale CVS Map</title>

  <body BGCOLOR="ffffff">
<h1>Instructions for use of Yale CVS Repository</h1>
The SML/NJ CVS repository has moved to SourceForge.
Please see <a href="http://sourceforge.net/cvs/?group_id=20680">Accessing
    the CVS repository</a>.
<h3>Mailing list</h3>
Since Yale's CVS repository is not used any more, the old mailing list,
<a href="mailto:smlnj-cvs@rum.cs.yale.edu">smlnj-cvs@rum.cs.yale.edu</a>
has also become useless.  It has been replaced by
<a href="http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/smlnj-commits">smlnj-commits</a>.

<h3>CVS Hints</h3>
<li> It is recommended to have a ~/.cvsrc file containing
	% cat ~/.cvsrc
	update -P -d
	checkout -P
The -P tells CVS to prune empty directories.  The -d tells CVS
to add new directories that have been created in the repository
since the last update.
<li> When using `cvs import' it's useful to first try a dry run
`cvs -n import' so you can fix the -I options (i.e. what files to
ignore) or any other problems.  Note that symbolic links are
ignored by import.  The global -n option for cvs suppresses any
action and only generates reports of what the command would do.

<h3>Advice on Managing Branches</h3>

See Matthias's page with notes on
<a href="http://www.kurims.kyoto-u.ac.jp/~blume/SMLNJ-DEV/cvs.html">
managing private development branches</a>.
Also, see this <a href="cvs-branch2.html">follow-up advice on
branching</a> from Stefan.
<h3>Reminder: Tag all of smlnj module when committing</h3>
Matthias Blume, 31 Mar 2000
This is a reminder to everybody who is checking stuff into the CVS
repository that they should tag the _entire_ repository (actually --
the entiry "smlnj" module if what you are doing is compiler-related).
Otherwise tags are much less useful.
In this case I wanted to compare my "blume_main_v110p26p2_0" with the
version _before_ that.  For this, I tried to use the previous tag --
which was created by Alan.  However, as it turns out, Alan tagged only
those files he actually changed.  As a result, CVS gave me only those
In other words, if a file does not have a certain tag, then it is
considered non-existent.  There is a flag to "cvs update" that lets
one change this behavior to "use the most recent version", but this is
<em>also</em> not what I wanted.
The other "solution" would be to really always tag "before" and
"after" a commit.  My point is that "before" tags are completely
redundant if "after" tags are properly applied to the entire
My current workaround is to use dates. (This proved a bit tricky
because it wasn't obvious from the outset relative to which timezone
the date would be interpreted... :)

<address>Dave MacQueen</address>
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