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    <title>SML/NJ Version 110.14 NEWS</title>

  <body bgcolor="white">
   <center><h1>Standard ML of New Jersey<BR>
        Version 110.14, February 22, 1999</h1>

      <tt> http://cm.bell-labs.com/cm/cs/what/smlnj/index.html </tt>

<h2> Warning </h2>
  	This version is intended for compiler hackers.  
	We are in the midst of substantial structural changes, 
	and this is a snapshot.  It only  supports the Sparc, 
	Alpha, HPPA, and PowerPC architectures.  Furthermore, 
	there are performance bugs that have to be fixed.

  This version is intended to introduce the new MLRISC PowerPC 
  code generator, but also includes a few MLRISC bug fixes.

<h2>Bug Fixes</h2>
Relative to 110.13

  <li> The alpha (and other architectures) generated LDA and LDAH
    instructions to load immediate operands where the value was 
    zero (Perry Cheng).
  <li> The register allocator generated an exception for temporaries
    that were used but not defined. This happens all the time in
    C (Fermin Reig).

<h2> Features </h2>

    The cross compilers had no access to the Control structure
    and could not therefore  access flags that affected
    the cross compilation. Building a cross compiler using 
    CMB.retarget, now defines a structure <Arch>Compiler as 
    well as <ArchOpsys>CMB. For example, cross compiling to the 
    DEC Alpha will generate Alpha32Compiler and Alpha32UnixCMB.
    The Alpha32Compiler interface is identical to the Compiler
    interface, but substructures in Alpha32Compiler are specific
    to the target being cross compiled to.

<h2> PowerPC notes </h2>
  The generated code could be improved in a number of ways:

   <li> There are three registers that are wasted. This will be fixed
    in the next round of runtime system, interface changes.
   <li> Without out-of-order execution, the generated code pays a 
    high penalty for branches. The following sequence is typically

	mtlr	r
	cmp	cr, r1, r2
	bt	cr, lab
	and.	r1, r2, r3
	bt	cr0, lab

  In all cases, scheduling the assignment of the link register or the 
  setting of the condition code register far away from the branch would
  improve the situation dramatically. Various possibilities for 
  accomplishing this are being investigated.

    <font size=-2>
    <address><a href="mailto:george@research.bell-labs.com">
		Lal George</a></address>
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