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Wed Dec 11 21:45:44 2002 UTC (16 years, 11 months ago) by mblume
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    <title>SML/NJ Version 110.21 NEWS</title>

  <body bgcolor="white">
   <center><h1>Standard ML of New Jersey<BR>
        Version 110.21, September 3, 1999</h1>

      <tt> http://cm.bell-labs.com/cm/cs/what/smlnj/index.html </tt>

<h2> Warning </h2>
  	This version is intended for compiler hackers.  
	We are in the midst of substantial structural changes, 
	and this is a snapshot. 

  This version contains substantial internal changes to CM (Blume) 
  and MLRISC (Leung). Also a new scheme for version numbers is


<center><h2> Version Numbers</h2></center>
  The version numbers, of late, have begun to carry at least one
  unnecessay digit. For example, the last public release was <tt>110.0.3.</tt> 
  The internal versions since then have been called <tt>110.xx</tt>, such as
  <tt>110.21</tt> etc. Continuing in this fashion, the next set of public 
  versions will be <tt>111.0</tt>, <tt>112.0</tt>, etc. At the rate at which we 
  have public releases, the leading 1 is meaningless. 
  We have a proposal to change this release to version <tt>3.21</tt>,  
  and the next to version <tt>3.22</tt>. The next public release will be
  version <tt>4.0</tt>. This is assuming:
     public release <tt>75</tt> was version <tt>1.0</tt>, 
     public release <tt>93</tt> was version <tt>2.0</tt>,		
    and public release <tt>110</tt> was version <tt>3.0.</tt>
  Send opinions to <img src="../smlnj-list-logo.jpg" align=center>.
<center><h2> CM </h2></center>
    <li> New implementation of generic pickler modules
     These have been moved to comp-lib and are now being used not
     only by the compiler's environment-pickler but also by CM to
     write skeleton files and stable libraries
     New implementation of the environment pickler/unpickler
     (is smaller in object code size, slightly faster, a bit more
     general as it allows "lazy" unpickling, and compiles without

  <p> <li> New format of stable library files (they are smaller, load
	  faster,  and (tend to) incur less main memory usage)
  <p><li> Some streamlining of CM's internals

  <p><li> The new CM manual is in draft version, and can be previewed at:

<center><h2> MLRISC</h2></center>
  <h4> gc callbacks: </h4>
   A new interface to generating gc involving callbacks 
   is now in place. This will allow for code motion past gc safe points 
   and late generation of gc invocation code.
  <h4> Stream based</h4>

   All phases of the back end use a new stream based interface to
   the flow graph. This allows changes in internal representation  
   depending on the level of optimization.

  <h4> Address width</h4>

    This is set to 64 on the alpha so that address arithmetic is done
    in 64 bits (<tt>LDA</tt>).  This is supposed to fix the
      <tt>ADDL/LDA</tt> problem. 
    Recall that word32 was actually broken on the alpha (in all
    previous MLRISC versions).  But the fix of replacing <tt>LDA</tt>
      by <tt>ADDL</tt> 
    has severe impact on performance. 
    NOTE: this is a somewhat risky fix, so I have to identify all the
    places where address arithmetic is used in MLRiscGen, InvokeGC, 
    MkRecord etc. 
    MLRiscGen is a new version with some gc type annotations support.

  <h4> Machine-gen</h4>

    All the back ends are modified so that it is specialized 
    using the functor <tt>MachineGen</tt>.   This keeps the machine 
    dependent stuff to a minimum. <tt>MachineGen</tt> also has support
    for profiling (in Compiler.Stats.) 
    See Compiler.Stats.summary();

  <h4> Dominator trees</h4>

    The dominator tree stuff has been cleaned up.  It is now
    faster and more modular.

  <h4> Alpha</h4>

    Various fixes provided by Fermin went into the alpha backend, 
    which now supports <tt>CVTx2x</tt> operators.  

  <h4> Control-C </h4>

    There used be some problem with states in the backpatch modules.
    The state was not cleaned up properly when ^C is pressed during
    compilation.  BTW, the same problem appeared in callgc.sml.
    In this release the functor <tt>MachineGen</tt> will reset the state of the 
    MLRISC system before processing a new compilation unit.  I think
    now we should have a harder time of crashing SML with ^C.

  <h4> Labels</h4>

    Labels have been simplified (no more option).

  <h4> MLTREECOMP </h4>

    MLTREECOMP has been changed to use the stream interface.
    This makes things more convenient in many places, when we have
    to pass around the code emitter functions.  The
      <tt>mltree-mult</tt>  stuff 
    has been changed to support signed arithmetic better (for C--).
    <tt>MLTreeGen</tt> has been changed to support <tt>CVTI2I</tt> operators.

  <h4> register allocation modules</h4>

    The phases of register allocation has been broken up into 
    several modules.

  <h4> x86 </h4>

    Various fixes from Fermin and James went in here.
    Fermin sent in a bug fix for spilling CALLs.
    James (sbj@mit.edu) sent in fixes for the assembler and
    X86RewritePseudo. Also, I've changed <tt>X86RewritePseudo</tt>
    and <tt>X86Spill</tt>
    so that they preserve annotations; again requested by James.
    In the instruction set, 'RET of operand option' is added.


    <font size=-2>
    <address>Lal George</address>
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