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Thu Oct 11 09:52:12 2001 UTC (18 years, 7 months ago) by macqueen
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    <title>SML/NJ Version 110.22 NEWS</title>

  <body bgcolor="white">
   <center><h1>Standard ML of New Jersey<BR>
        Version 110.22, September 9, 1999</h1>

      <tt> http://cm.bell-labs.com/cm/cs/what/smlnj/index.html </tt>

<h2> Warning </h2>
  	This version is intended for compiler hackers.  
	We are in the midst of substantial structural changes, 
	and this is a snapshot. 

  This version is intended to fix the installation and recompilation
  problems associated with 110.21. Along the way, various fixes 
  and (of course) enhancements were made. 


<center><h2> CM </h2></center>
  <li> Added CM.symval and CMB.symval which let you define your own
   "CM variables" -- those that can be queried from CM's #if syntax.

   MLRISC.cm and viscomp-lib.cm were modified so that if the symbol "LIGHT"
   is defined then CMB.deliver will not include cross-compilers.  This
   considerably speeds up compiler re-compilation and also gives you
   smaller library files (savings are roughly 1.5 MB).
   The variable can be set like this:
   #set (CMB.symval "LIGHT") (SOME 1);
    Changes to src/system/pathconfig and config/install.sh as suggested
   by Stefan Monnier.  However, the name "INSTALLDIR" is used  instead


<center><h2> X86</h2></center>
   The assembly file X86.prim.asm was converted to use the assyntax.h 
   file from the xfree86 distribution. Thus just one file needs to be
   maintained for both Unix and Windows platforms.

    <font size=-2>
    <address><a href="mailto:george@research.bell-labs.com">
		Lal George</a></address>
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