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[smlnj] Diff of /pages/trunk/index.html
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Diff of /pages/trunk/index.html

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revision 4507, Sat Oct 21 15:14:49 2017 UTC revision 4508, Sat Oct 21 15:27:55 2017 UTC
# Line 38  Line 38 
38            <img align="middle" alt="SML/NJ" src="Lindig2.jpeg">            <img align="middle" alt="SML/NJ" src="Lindig2.jpeg">
39        </td>        </td>
40        <td align="center">        <td align="center">
41              <big><big><strong>          <span style="font-weight: bold; font-size: xx-large;">
42                   Standard ML<br> of New Jersey            Standard ML of New Jersey
43              </strong></big></big>          </span>
44        </td>        </td>
45        <td align="right">        <td align="right">
46              &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;              &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
# Line 63  Line 63 
63  <a href="dist/working/index.html">  <a href="dist/working/index.html">
64  <h3>Downloads</h3>  <h3>Downloads</h3>
65  </a>  </a>
66  The current release is <a href="dist/working/110.81/index.html">110.81</a>.  The current release is <a href="dist/working/110.82/index.html">110.82</a>.
67  Previous versions are also available through our  Previous versions are also available through our
68  <a href="dist/working/index.html">release history</a> page.  <a href="dist/working/index.html">release history</a> page.
69  A history of the changes to the system is also  A history of the changes to the system is also
70  <a href="dist/working/110.81/HISTORY.html">available</a>.  <a href="dist/working/110.82/HISTORY.html">available</a>.
72  <a href="svn.html">  <a href="svn.html">
73  <h3>Subversion access</h3>  <h3>Subversion access</h3>
# Line 80  Line 80 
80  download a snapshot of the most recent sources at any time.  download a snapshot of the most recent sources at any time.
81  <a href="svn.html">Instructions are here.</a>  <a href="svn.html">Instructions are here.</a>
   We are currently planning two more releases using the current version numbering  
   scheme: one that will add 64-bit support, and another that will add some  
   additional improvements to type error messages (the order of these releases is unclear).  
   After that we plan to reset  
   the numbering scheme for SML/NJ versions, starting with 4.0  
   (<i>i.e.</i>, 110.81 => 4.0).  
83  <a href="new.html">  <a href="new.html">
84  <h3>What's New</h3>  <h3>What's New</h3>
85  </a>  </a>
87  <ul>  <ul>
88      <li>[10/16/17] Version <a href="dist/working/110.82/index.html">110.82</a> is
89      released.
90      See the <a href="dist/working/110.82/110.82-README.html">README</a>
91      for details.</br>
92      <b>Note:</b> We are currently working on getting our distribution scripts
93        to work properly on
94        Windows 10, so we do not have a Windows MSI file for 110.82 at this time.
95      </li>
96    <li>[05/01/17] Version <a href="dist/working/110.81/index.html">110.81</a> is    <li>[05/01/17] Version <a href="dist/working/110.81/index.html">110.81</a> is
97    released.    released.
98    See the <a href="dist/working/110.81/110.81-README.html">README</a>    See the <a href="dist/working/110.81/110.81-README.html">README</a>
# Line 132  Line 128 
128  </a>  </a>
130  <ul>  <ul>
131  <li>Information on <a href="software.html">downloading and installing</a>    <li>
132        Information on <a href="software.html">downloading and installing</a>
133      the <strong>SML/NJ</strong> system and related software.      the <strong>SML/NJ</strong> system and related software.
134  </li>  </li>
135  <li>  <li>
136      A signed installer for macOS is available      A signed installer for macOS is available
137      (<a href="dist/working/110.81/smlnj-x86-110.81.pkg">smlnj-x86-110.81.pkg</a>).      (<a href="dist/working/110.82/smlnj-x86-110.82.pkg">smlnj-x86-110.82.pkg</a>).
138  </li>  </li>
139  <li> A Windows <strong>msi installer</strong> for Windows 7+    <li>
140        A Windows <strong>msi installer</strong> for Windows 7+
141  is available (<a href="dist/working/110.81/smlnj-110.81.msi">smlnj-110.81.msi</a>).  is available (<a href="dist/working/110.81/smlnj-110.81.msi">smlnj-110.81.msi</a>).
142  </li>  </li>
143  </ul>  </ul>

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