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[smlnj] Diff of /pages/trunk/index.html
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Diff of /pages/trunk/index.html

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revision 1804, Thu May 19 04:14:25 2005 UTC revision 1868, Wed Nov 16 20:41:09 2005 UTC
# Line 70  Line 70 
70  we <i>strongly</i> recommend using one of our recent  we <i>strongly</i> recommend using one of our recent
71  <a href="dist/working/index.html">working</a> versions.  <a href="dist/working/index.html">working</a> versions.
72  Currently, the most recent such version  Currently, the most recent such version
73  is <a href="dist/working/110.54/index.html">110.54</a>.  is <a href="dist/working/110.57/index.html">110.57</a>.
76  <a href="new.html">  <a href="new.html">
# Line 79  Line 79 
80  <ul>  <ul>
81  <li>Working version  <li>Working version
82      <a href="dist/working/110.54/index.html">110.54</a>      <a href="dist/working/110.57/index.html">110.57</a>
83      available.</li>      available.  Bugfixes and minor feature enhancements.</li>
 <li><a href="new.html#110.53">Working version 110.53 available.</a>  
   This is mostly a bugfix release.</li>  
 <li><a href="new.html#110.52">Working version 110.52 available.</a>  
   This was mostly a bugfix release, too.</li>  
84  <li><a href="new.html#110.51">Working version 110.51 available.</a>  <li><a href="new.html#110.51">Working version 110.51 available.</a>
85    This version adds 64-bit integer and word arithmetic to the    This version adds 64-bit integer and word arithmetic to the
86    <i>Basis</i> library (structures <tt>Int64</tt> and    <i>Basis</i> library (structures <tt>Int64</tt> and

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