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[smlnj] Diff of /pages/trunk/index.html
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Diff of /pages/trunk/index.html

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revision 4933, Sat Dec 22 00:15:11 2018 UTC revision 4934, Sat Dec 22 00:26:21 2018 UTC
# Line 63  Line 63 
63  <a href="dist/working/index.html">  <a href="dist/working/index.html">
64  <h3>Downloads</h3>  <h3>Downloads</h3>
65  </a>  </a>
66  The current release is <a href="dist/working/110.84/index.html">110.84</a>.  The current release is <a href="dist/working/110.85/index.html">110.85</a>.
67  Previous versions are also available through our  Previous versions are also available through our
68  <a href="dist/working/index.html">release history</a> page.  <a href="dist/working/index.html">release history</a> page.
69  A history of the changes to the system is also  A history of the changes to the system is also
70  <a href="dist/working/110.84/HISTORY.html">available</a>.  <a href="dist/working/110.85/HISTORY.html">available</a>.
72  <a href="svn.html">  <a href="svn.html">
73  <h3>Subversion access</h3>  <h3>Subversion access</h3>

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