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<!-- Root page for SML/NJ Web site -->
<!-- Copyright (c) 2020 The Fellowship of SML/NJ -->
kw	programming language compiler functional symbolic
category	project
contact	jhr@cs.chicago.edu
desc	a compiler and programming system for a modern functional language

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<title>Standard ML of New Jersey</title>

<meta name="description" content="The Standard ML of New Jersey
compiler and programming system">

<meta name="keywords"
      content="ML, SML, SML/NJ, Standard ML, functional programming">


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          <img align="middle" alt="SML/NJ" src="images/Lindig2.jpeg">
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        <span style="font-weight: bold; font-size: xx-large;">
	  Standard ML of New Jersey
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<p><a href="smlnj.html"><strong>Standard ML of New Jersey</strong></a>
(abbreviated <strong>SML/NJ</strong>) is
a compiler for the
<a href="sml97.html"><strong>Standard ML '97</strong></a>
programming language with associated libraries,
tools, and documentation.
SML/NJ is <a href="license.html">free, open source</a> software.

<a href="new.html">
<h3>What's New</h3>

  <li>[2020-08-25] Version <a href="dist/working/110.98.1/index.html">110.98.1</a> is
    released.  This patch release fixes a number of pretty-printing regressions that
    were introduced in 110.98.
    See the <a href="dist/working/110.98/110.98.1-README.html">README</a>
    for details. <br/>
  <li>[2020-07-17] In conjunction with the release of
    Version <a href="dist/working/110.98/index.html">110.98</a>, there is
    now <a href="doc/smlnj-lib/index.html">online documentation</a>
    for most of the <strong>SML/NJ Library</strong>.
  <li>[2020-07-17] Version <a href="dist/working/110.98/index.html">110.98</a> is
    released.  This release includes substantial improvements to the documentation
    as well as other improvements and bug fixes.
    See the <a href="dist/working/110.98/110.98-README.html">README</a>
    for details. <br/>
  <li>[2020-04-21] Version <a href="dist/working/110.97/index.html">110.97</a> is
    This release is fairly substantial, with a bunch of bug fixes, additional
    documentation, and a large number of changes and additions to the
    <strong>SML/NJ Library</strong>.
    See the <a href="dist/working/110.97/110.97-README.html">README</a>
    for details. <br/>
  <li>[2019-12-13] Version <a href="dist/working/110.96/index.html">110.96</a> is
    This release fixes a number of issues with the 64-bit version; see the
    See the <a href="dist/working/110.96/110.96-README.html">README</a>
    for details. <br/>
  <li>[2019-11-09] Version <a href="dist/working/110.95/index.html">110.95</a> is
    This release fixes some critical bugs.
    See the <a href="dist/working/110.95/110.95-README.html">README</a>
    for details. <br/>
  <li>[2019-11-02] New versions of both the <b>macOS</b> and <b>Windows</b>
    installers for the <a href="dist/working/110.94/index.html">110.94</a>
     have been posted.  The <b>macOS</b> installers fix an issue where the
     scripts were looking for a 32-bit version when a 64-bit version had
    been installed.  The Windows installer includes a fix for bug #225 that
    was inadvertently omitted. <br/>
  <li>[2019-11-01] New versions of the <a href="dist/working/110.94/index.html">110.94</a>
    installers for <b>macOS</b> were released.  These fix a problem with the wrapper
    scripts having an incorrect path for the installation. <br/>
  <li>[2019-10-31] Version <a href="dist/working/110.94/index.html">110.94</a> is
    This version is the first to support 64-bit platforms; specifically
    64-bit executables on <b>macOS</b> and <b>Linux</b>.
    See the <a href="dist/working/110.94/110.94-README.html">README</a>
    for details. <br/>
  <li>[2019-09-05] Version <a href="dist/working/110.93/index.html">110.93</a> is
    See the <a href="dist/working/110.93/110.93-README.html">README</a>
    for details. <br/>
  <li>[2019-08-10] Version <a href="dist/working/110.92/index.html">110.92</a> is
    See the <a href="dist/working/110.92/110.92-README.html">README</a>
    for details. <br/>
  <li><a href="old-news.html">Older news</a></li>

<strong>A node about version numbers</strong><br/>
A long time ago, we had version numbers like <b>0.93</b>; when we hit <b>0.100</b>,
we dropped the leading zero and switched to <b>100</b>, <b>101</b>, etc.
For some reason, when we hit version <b>110</b>, we stopped incrementing
the first number and just bumped up the second (no one remembers why).
We are now approaching version <b>110.100</b>.  At that time, we plan to
switch to a different numbering scheme, where versions will have a major
number determined by the year and a minor number determined by the release
number for that year.  For example, if we have three more releases
this year, then the last release will be number <b>2020.4</b>, since it
will be the fourth release of the year.

<h3>Support for 64-bit architectures</h3>
The latest version (<a href="dist/working/110.98.1/index.html">110.98.1</a>)
supports 64-bit executables on <b>macOS</b> and <b>Linux</b>.

<a href="dist/working/index.html">
    The latest release is  <a href="dist/working/110.98.1/index.html">110.98.1</a>;
    we believe that this version is stable, but there have been a lot of low-level
    changes that might have introduced bugs, so if you have any problems with the
    system you should report them and then revert to
    <a href="dist/working/110.87/index.html">110.87</a>.
    Previous versions are also available through our
    <a href="dist/working/index.html">release history</a> page.
    A history of the changes to the system is also
    <a href="dist/working/110.98.1/HISTORY.html">available</a>.
    Signed installers for macOS are available, which install the system
    in <code>/usr/local/smlnj</code>.
	<a href="dist/working/110.98.1/smlnj-x86-110.98.1.pkg">smlnj-x86-110.98.1.pkg</a>
	(32 bit)
	<a href="dist/working/110.98.1/smlnj-amd64-110.98.1.pkg">smlnj-amd64-110.98.1.pkg</a>
	(64 bit)
    Note that to install <b>SML/NJ</b> on <b>macOS</b> 10.15 Catalina, you will have to
    <b>right-click</b> on the installer package, which should open up a dialog
    box.  Click on the <b>Open</b> button to run the installer.
    A Windows <strong>msi installer</strong> for Windows 7+
    is available (<a href="dist/working/110.98.1/smlnj-110.98.1.msi">smlnj-110.98.1.msi</a>).

<a href="svn.html">
<h3>Subversion access</h3>

Our master source repository is kept on a <a
href="https://www.fusionforge.org">FusionForge</a> server (a successor
to GForge) under <a href="https://subversion.apache.org/">Subversion</a> control.
We provide anonymous read-only access to the repository, so anyone can
download a snapshot of the most recent sources at any time.
<a href="svn.html">Instructions are here.</a>


  <li> <a href="sml.html">What is <b>SML</b>?</a></li>
  <li> <a href="sml97.html">What is <b>SML '97</b>?</a></li>
  <li> <a href="smlnj.html">What is <b>SML/NJ</b>?</a></li>

<h3>Documentation and Literature</h3>

<li><a href="doc/literature.html#books">Books</a></li>
<li><a href="doc/literature.html#tutorials">Tutorials</a></li>
<li><a href="doc/index.html">SML/NJ User's Guide</a></li>
<li><a href="http://sml-family.org/Basis/index.html">SML'97 Basis Library</a></li>
<li><a href="doc/smlnj-lib/index.html">SML/NJ Library documentation</a></li>
<li><a href="doc/FAQ/index.html">SML/NJ FAQ
    (Frequently Asked Questions)</a></li>
<li><a href="doc/Conversion/top-level-comparison.html">Top Level Environment
<li><a href="doc/features.html">Special features of SML/NJ</a></li>
<li><a href="doc/CM/index.html">Compilation Manager (CM)</a></li>
<li><a href="doc/ml-lpt/manual.pdf">ML Language Processing Tools (ml-ulex and ml-antl)</a></li>
<li><a href="doc/ML-Lex/manual.html">ML-Lex</a></li>
<li><a href="doc/ML-Yacc/index.html">ML-Yacc</a></li>
<li><a href="http://cml.cs.uchicago.edu/">Concurrent ML</a></li>
<li><a href="http://www.cis.ksu.edu/~stough/eXene/index.html">eXene</a></li>
<li><a href="doc/SMLNJ-C/index.html">SML/NJ-C foreign function
<li><a href="doc/Conversion/index.html">SML'97 Conversion Guide</a></li>
<!-- broken link
<li><a href="https://www.cs.nyu.edu/leunga/www/MLRISC/Doc/html/index.html">
<li><a href="compiler-notes/index.html">Compiler notes</a></li>

<h3>Reporting Bugs</h3>

<li>Bugs can be reported online using our
    <a href="https://smlnj-gforge.cs.uchicago.edu/bugform.php">PHP bug form</a>.</li>
<li>You can also submit bug reports by email to
    <img src="images/smlnj-list-logo.png" align=center> using the
    <a href="bugs/bug-report-form">bug report form</a>.</li>
<li>A legacy record of known bugs and the bug history</a> for
SML/NJ are available via the <a href="bugs/index.html">bugs web page</a>.</li>
<li>Recent submissions should appear in the <a href="https://smlnj-gforge.cs.uchicago.edu/tracker/?atid=215&group_id=33">GForge tracker</a> .</li>

<a href="links.html">

<li>Pointers to programming resources (libraries, tools, example code),
    projects using <b>SML/NJ</b>, other <b>SML</b> implementations, related
    compiler  research work, and miscellaneous <b>SML</b> links.
    The programming resources  links will soon move to a separate
    page of their own.</li>

<a href="people.html">

<li>Picture of current cast of people involved in the project.</li>


This project is based upon work supported in part by the National
Science Foundation under Grant No. CNS-0454136.

Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in
this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily
reflect the views of the National Science Foundation (NSF).

<hr />
Send comments to <img src="images/smlnj-list-logo.png" alt="smlnj-dev-list" style="vertical-align: middle;"><br />
<span style="font-size: small">Copyright &#169; 2004-2020, SML/NJ Fellowship.</span><br />


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