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revision 1257, Mon Jul 8 18:27:54 2002 UTC revision 1292, Wed Dec 11 21:45:44 2002 UTC
# Line 8  Line 8 
8  <H2>Links to other SML resources</H2>  <H2>Links to other SML resources</H2>
10  <blockquote>  <blockquote>
11  Please feel free to send <A HREF="mailto:sml-nj@research.bell-labs.com">us</A>  Please feel free to send
12  additional URLs that should be on this list.  additional URLs that should be on this list to <img src="smlnj-list-logo.jpg" align=center><BR>
13  <h3>SML Programming Resources</h3>  <h3>SML Programming Resources</h3>
14  <UL>  <UL>
15    <LI>    <LI>
# Line 244  Line 244 
244  |  |
246  <HR>  <HR>
247  Send your comments to <A HREF="mailto:sml-nj@research.bell-labs.com">sml-nj@research.bell-labs.com</A><BR>  Send your comments to <img src="smlnj-list-logo.jpg" align=center><BR>
248  <FONT SIZE="-3">  <FONT SIZE="-3">
249    Copyright &#169; 1996,    Copyright &#169; 1996,
250    <A HREF="http://www.lucent.com/">Lucent Technologies; Bell Laboratories</A>.    <A HREF="http://www.lucent.com/">Lucent Technologies; Bell Laboratories</A>.

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