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Diff of /pages/trunk/links.html

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revision 4216, Sat Apr 2 20:13:27 2016 UTC revision 4217, Tue Apr 5 14:05:35 2016 UTC
# Line 208  Line 208 
208        <P>        <P>
209  </UL>  </UL>
211  <h3>The Caml dialect of ML</h3>  <h3>Other ML dialects</h3>
212  <UL>  <UL>
213  <LI>  <LI><A HREF="http://ocaml.org">The Objective Caml dialect of ML</A></LI>
214      <A HREF="http://pauillac.inria.fr/ocaml/">  <LI><A HREF="http://fsharp.org">The F# dialect of ML</A></LI>
        Objective Caml</A>  
215  </UL>  </UL>
217  <h3>Projects using ML</h3>  <h3>Projects using ML</h3>
218  <UL>  <UL>
219  <LI>  <LI>

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