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Sun Oct 4 21:30:08 2015 UTC (4 years, 3 months ago) by jhr
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  update build instructions
Building OSX Installer Packages

These are old instructions, which still apply for the PowerPC builds.
For the x86, use the script in


These instructions should work for OS X 10.5 through 10.8, but have
only been tested on 10.7.  Note that building on 10.7 requires that
/Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.5.sdk be present, and this sdk is not present
by default in XCode 4.2+.  (as of 110.75, we have removed this dependency).

Let $V be the version of SML/NJ for which we are creating a dmg file, let
$ROOT be the directory in which we start, and let $ARCH be the target 
architecture (x86 or ppc).

We also assume that a copy of the SML/NJ logo background image is
available (the file background.jpg). This file can be extracted from
an existing package, but in the future a copy will be found at

1) create a directory for the distribution

	mkdir smlnj-$V

2) export the sources

	cd smlnj-$V
	svn export https://smlnj-gforge.cs.uchicago.edu/svn/smlnj/config/trunk config

3) build (this assumes that the tar files are already available for download)


   This will download the necessary compiler, library, and tools
   sources (as determined by config/targets).and the boot.$ARCH-unix.tgz
   tarball and build the bin and lib directories.

   [** as of 110.75, this paragraph no longer applies **]
   Note that you may have to build the runtime by hand, depending on
   where your version of the 10.5 SDK lives.  Check if
   /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.5.sdk exists; if necessary it can be
   copied from an XCode 3.x directory if available. If building on
   10.7 Lion, it is also possible to modify
   base/runtime/objs/mk.x86-darwin to build a package that will only
   work for Lion.

4) Remove tar files

	rm *.tgz

5) copy $V-README.html and license.html into smlnj-$V. The
   $V-README.html file can be obtained from a working copy of
   the $V files. license.html can be obtained from the smlnj.org
   web site (or a working copy of the pages svn project).

5) Change owner and group of $V to root:wheel

        sudo chown -R root:wheel smlnj-$V

   This owner and group will be preserved by the installer.

PackageMaker Phase [assuming Version 3.0.5, included with XCode 4.2]
[References: XCode internal documentation for PackageMaker, and a
legacy, out of date document titled "Software Delivery Guide".]

6) Launch the PackageMaker application

   [Note: This procedure starts from scratch, not using an existing
    PackageMaker document (e.g. smlnj-x86-110.73.pmdoc) from a previous
    It may be possible to automate steps 6, 7, and 8 as a shell
    script.  See the MLton distribution for an example.]

   a. Click the "Package" item at the top of the left-hand sidebar:
	    Title		  Standard ML of New Jersey $V
	    User Sees             Easy Install Only
	    Install Destination   Volume selected by user
	    Certificate           N/A
	    Description 	  The Standard ML of New Jersey system for Mac OS X 10.5
                                  or later, Intel [resp. PowerPC] architecture
	Requirements - nothing
	Actions - nothing

   b. Under the "Contents" header on the left-hand sidebar, click + at
      the bottom of the side-bar. In the Open dialog window that pops
      down, select the smlnj-$V directory, adding it to the
      contents. The new item will be called "smlnj-110".

      * Select the outer item (probably named smlnj-110)
	    Choice Name	smlnj-$V  (modifies name of Contents item in
              left side bar)
	    Identifier: org.smlnj.$V.$ARCH  ($V = e.g. 110-74, not 110.74)
            Initial State
              Selected: checked (default)
	      Enabled:  checked (default)
	      Hidden:   not checked (default)
	    Destination	/usr/local/smlnj-$V
	      Allow alternate volume:  checked
	    Tooltip:  SML/NJ 110.74 installer
	    Description:  as above for "Package"
        Requirements: empty (default)

      * Select the folder under the outer (smlnj-110.74) Contents item
      Package: smlnj-110
	    Install			  $ROOT/smlnj-$V
	    Destination		      	  /usr/local/smlnj-$V
	    Allow custom location         checked
	    Package Identifier	      	  org.smlnj.$V.$ARCH.pkg
	    Package Version		  1.0  [default]
	    Restart Action		  None [default]
	    Require admin authentication  checked
       	    Package Location		  Self-Contained [default]

       Contents:  Verify that owner is set to root and group is wheel

       Components:  Leave all unchecked.

	    Postinstall		$ROOT/smlnj-$V/config/MacResources/postinstall
	    Postupgrade		$ROOT/smlnj-$V/config/MacResources/postupgrade

7) Edit Interface: click on the Edit Interface icon in the upper right corner

  a) Drag background.jpg to first screen (or choose it by file name in Background
     tap to the right).  Unfortunately, there is not much control over scaling
     and positioning of the image.  Try Scaling: To-Fit.

  b) Click the Continue button to get to "Welcome Panel".  Leave as Default.

  c) Click the Continue button to get to "Read Me". Select the readme file

  d) Click the Continue button to get to "License". Select the license file

  e) Click the Continue button to get to "Conclusion". Leave as Default.
     [Here we could add a notice about where the system has been installed.]

  f) Close the Interface Editor window.

8) Build the package by clicking the Build button in the tool bar at the top,
   specifying the name (and location!) of the package file to be saved
   (e.g. $ROOT/smlnj-$ARCH-$V.pkg).

9) Pakage signing
    **** this section is incomplete ****

	productsign --sign "Developer ID Installer: John Reppy" smlnj-$ARCH-$V.pkg signed/$ARCH-$V.pkg

10) Assuming that works, we can now build the DMG file

	hdiutil create -fs HFS+ -srcfolder smlnj-$ARCH-$V -volname smlnj-$V signed/smlnj-$ARCH-$V.dmg
	hdiutil internet-enable -yes smlnj-$ARCH-$V.dmg

David MacQueen [02/01/12]
Updated by John Reppy [09/30/12]

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