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revision 2483, Thu May 3 04:51:28 2007 UTC revision 2484, Thu May 3 18:37:55 2007 UTC
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15  <hr width="30%">  <hr width="30%">
17  <a name="SF-mirror">  <a name="SF-mirror">
18  <h3>SML/NJ web site now mirrored at SourceForge</h3>  <h3>SML/NJ web site now hosted at the University of Chicago</h3>
19  </a>  </a>
21  <blockquote>  <blockquote>
22  <a name="SF-mirror">The master copy of the SML/NJ web pages is now  <a name="SF-mirror">The master copy of the SML/NJ web pages is now
23  kept in the CVS repository of the smlnj SourceForge project (see  kept in the svn repository of the smlnj gforge project at the
24  </a> <a href="#sourceforge">previous item on SourceForge  university of Chicago (svn://smlnj-gforge.uchicago.edu/smlnj/pages).
25  projects</a>).  <p>
26  The <a href="http://cm.bell-labs.com/cm/cs/what/smlnj">  The web pages are mirrored at the SML/NJ sourceforge project
27  Bell-Labs-hosted site</a> is now joined by <a  <href="http://smlnj.sourceforge.net/">smlnj.sourceforge.net</a>,
28  href="http://www.smlnj.org/">www.smlnj.org</a>, which mirrors the  which should mirror the same pages from the repository. [There may
29  same pages from the repository.  be some lag however, because the smlnj-gforge svn repository cannot
30  </blockquote>  be checked out at the sourceforge server and the pages have to be
31    updated manually.]
32  <a name="macosx">  <p>
33  <h3>Working version 110.33 supports Mac OS X and experimentat FFI</h3>  System source code, libraries, utilities, benchmarks, and test suites
34  </a>  are also now hosted primarily in the smlnj-gforge.uchicago.edu
35    repository.
 <a name="macosx">The recently released</a>  
 <a href="NEWS/110.33-README.html">110.33</a>  
 working version runs under Mac OS X.  It also introduces  
 Matthias Blume's new, experimental FFI, NLFFI ("No-Longer Foreign Function  
 Interface").    Currently NLFFI is available only under x86-linux, but it  
 is being ported to other architectures.  
 <a name="smlnj.exe">  
 <h3>New 110.0.7 smlnj.exe works on Windows 9X</h3>  
 <a name="smlnj.exe">The original version of the Windows installer,  
 smlnj.exe, for 110.0.7 had a problem when running under Windows 95/98/ME  
 that caused error messages abound undefined strings like PRODUCT_NAME.  This  
 problem has been corrected in a new</a>  
 <a href="ftp://ftp.research.bell-labs.com/dist/smlnj/release/110/smlnj.exe">  
 now available in the usual 110.0.7  
 <a href="ftp://ftp.research.bell-labs.com/dist/smlnj/release/110/">ftp</a> and  
 <a href="http://cm.bell-labs.com/cm/cs/what/smlnj/dist">http</a>  
 distribution directories.  
 <p>This new smlnj.exe (as of 23 March 01) also corrects a problem  
 where installation only set the user PATH and CM_PATH environment  
 variables.  Now the installer sets these variables at the system level  
 for all users.  Installation must be done from an administrator  
36  </blockquote>  </blockquote>
38  <a name="sourceforge">  <a name="sourceforge">
# Line 102  Line 72 
72  corrections and suggestions.  corrections and suggestions.
73  </blockquote>  </blockquote>
 <a name="sml-mode">  
 <h3>New version of sml-mode added to contrib/emacs</h3>  
 <a href="mailto:monnier@cs.yale.edu">Stefan Monnier's</a>  
 latest version, 3.9.5, of the sml-mode package for emacs has been added  
 to the <a href="ftp://ftp.research.bell-labs.com/dist/smlnj/contrib/emacs">  
 contrib/emacs</a> directory.  
 <a name="110.0.7">  
 <h3>Patch Release 110.0.7</h3>  
 A new minor release version  
 <a href="NEWS/110-README.html">110.0.7</a>  
 is now available.  This is the sixth patch release for  
 version 110 (110.0.4 was not released).  This patch release fixes a  
 long-standing bug in signal handling.  It also includes a number of  
 SML/NJ Library enhancements and fixes and some fixes to CM and eXene,  
 and a small number of other bug fixes.  See the  
 <a href="NEWS/110-PATCH-HISTORY"> 110-PATCH-HISTORY</a> file for  
 details. With this release, we are also making the distribution files  
 available for download via http as well as ftp.  See the  
 <a href="dist/110.0.7.html"> 110.0.7 distribution page</a>.  
 [<strong>Note:</strong> The original smlnj.exe installer for  
 Windows had incorrect CM tool paths.  This has been corrected by a new  
 smlnj.exe as of October 18, 2000.]  
 <a name="Version-111">  
 <h3>Plans for the next release (Version 111)</h3>  
 Meanwhile, work continues on the next release,  
 which we hope to have ready for a beta release "real soon now". The next  
 release will not contain any major language or Basis library changes, but  
 there will be major internal changes, including:  
 <li>A new runtime system with improved management of virtual memory.</li>  
 <li>New support for foreign functions (C) based on IDL.</li>  
 <li>Conformance with the soon to be published SML Basis spec.</li>  
 <li>MLRISC code generators for all architectures.</li>  
 <li>The FLINT representation has partially replaced the old cps  
 representation in the back end.</li>  
 In addition, there will be a couple significant language extensions:  
 lazy datatypes and lazy functions over such datatypes, functional  
 record concatenation (a "with" operation), and mutable records whose  
 fields can be updated.  
 <p>Most features of Version 111 are implemented in current working  
 versions.  The main missing elements are the new runtime system and a  
 MIPS code generator.</p>  
75  <a href="software.html#SOFTWARE:WORKING-VERSIONS">  <a href="software.html#SOFTWARE:WORKING-VERSIONS">
76  <h3>Working Versions</h3>  <h3>Working Versions</h3>
77  </a>  </a>

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