--- pages/trunk/software.html 2002/10/16 17:15:17 1280 +++ pages/trunk/software.html 2002/12/11 21:45:44 1292 @@ -93,11 +93,11 @@ are robust enough for noncritical research use, others are not. Please pay careful attention to the README or NEWS file for each version before attempting to use it. These working versions can be found at - ftp.research.bell-labs.com. -

Lal George maintains - a mailing list for those adventurous souls who want to receive announcements - of new working versions. Contact Lal if you want to be added to (or subtracted - from) the list.

+ ftp.research.bell-labs.com. +

+ We generally announce new versions (including working versions) on + comp.lang.ml, comp.lang.functional, freshmeat.net, and our + development mailing list .

The following table gives access to README files for recent working versions and the ftp directories for working versions that are currently @@ -474,8 +474,7 @@ SML/NJ Home Page | -

Send your comments to - sml-nj@research.bell-labs.com
Send your comments to
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