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[smlnj] Diff of /sml/branches/SMLNJ/src/smlnj-lib/Util/int-binary-map.sml
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Diff of /sml/branches/SMLNJ/src/smlnj-lib/Util/int-binary-map.sml

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revision 28, Thu Mar 12 01:05:57 1998 UTC revision 29, Thu Mar 12 01:05:59 1998 UTC
# Line 148  Line 148 
148            if key > x then T'(key,value,insert(left,x,v),right)            if key > x then T'(key,value,insert(left,x,v),right)
149            else if key < x then T'(key,value,left,insert(right,x,v))            else if key < x then T'(key,value,left,insert(right,x,v))
150            else T{key=x,value=v,left=left,right=right,cnt= #cnt set}            else T{key=x,value=v,left=left,right=right,cnt= #cnt set}
151        fun insert' ((k, x), m) = insert(m, k, x)
153      fun find (set, x) = let      fun find (set, x) = let
154            fun mem E = NONE            fun mem E = NONE

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