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View of /sml/branches/gatien-branch/READMES/110.61-README.html

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Wed May 14 18:45:20 2008 UTC (11 years, 8 months ago) by gatien
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creating branch for gatien-baron
<html> <head>
<title><!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
<title>SML/NJ 110.61 NEWS</title>

                         S  M  L   /   N  J

                   1  1  0  .  6  1      N  E  W  S
                           December 14, 2006


        This working version is believed to be stable, but
        we have not run our full regression-test suite.

  <dd><a href="http://www.smlnj.org/index.html">http://www.smlnj.org/index.html</a></dd>
  <dd><a href="http://smlnj.cs.uchicago.edu/dist/working/110.61/">http://smlnj.cs.uchicago.edu/dist/working/110.61/</a></dd>


    This is mostly a bugfixing release.



      <li>Fixed the code in
      <tt>runtime/c-libs/posix-tty/{tcgetattr,tcsetattr}.c</tt> to get the
      <tt>c_cc termios</tt> data copied correctly.  Also moved the
      allocation of the string to avoid problems if it caused a GC.
      Thanks to Timothy Bourke for the bug report and fix.</li>

      <li>CM's <em>standard shell tools</em> (e.g., <tt>mlyacc</tt>,
      <tt>mllex</tt>, etc.) that are implemented in terms of
      <tt>Tools.registerStdShellCmdTool</tt> now tolerate (with a
      warning) the situation where target files exist and appear
      outdated, but the shell command in question fails (e.g., because
      the program in question has not been installed yet).</li>

      <li>CM now reports undefined anchors as errors and aborts
      execution rather than silently pressing on using bogus

      <li>"<tt>[autoloading]</tt>" messages can now be suppressed
      using the <tt>CM.Control.verbose control</tt> (or the
      <tt>-Ccm.verbose=false</tt> command line option).</li>

      <li>Fixed bug in CM where "<tt>fwith:</tt>" specifications that
      affect compilation (as opposed to parsing) were ignored.</li>

      <li>Fixed the types of <tt>recvVecFrom</tt>,
      <tt>recvVecFrom'</tt>, <tt>recvVecFromNB</tt>, and
      <tt>recvVecFromNB'</tt> in the <tt>SOCKET</tt> signature.  This
      error is actually in the SML Basis specification too.</li>

  <dt>Language processing tools (<tt>ml-lpt</tt>):</dt>
      <li>The implementations of our new language processing tools
      (<tt>fml-ulex</tt>, <tt>ml-antlr</tt>) have been improved, but
      documenation is not yet up-to-date.</li>


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