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[smlnj] Diff of /sml/branches/num64/runtime/gc/build-literals.c
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Diff of /sml/branches/num64/runtime/gc/build-literals.c

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revision 5228, Thu May 30 17:51:06 2019 UTC revision 5229, Thu May 30 18:15:17 2019 UTC
# Line 583  Line 583 
584              SayDebug("[%2d]: INT32(%d)\n", startPC, arg32.iArg);              SayDebug("[%2d]: INT32(%d)\n", startPC, arg32.iArg);
585  #endif  #endif
586  #ifdef SIZES_C64_ML64              res = INT32_CtoML(msp, arg32.iArg);
           /* on 64-bit systems 32-bit integers are unboxed (i.e., tagged) */  
             LIST_cons(msp, stk, INT_CtoML(arg32.iArg), stk);  
           /* on 32-bit systems, 32-bit ints are boxed */  
             INT32_ALLOC(msp, res, arg32.iArg);  
587              LIST_cons(msp, stk, res, stk);              LIST_cons(msp, stk, res, stk);
588              availSpace -= 2*WORD_SZB;              availSpace -= 2*WORD_SZB;
589              break;              break;
591            case INT64:            case INT64:

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