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[smlnj] View of /sml/branches/primop-branch-3/compiler/ElabData/basics/debindex.sml
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View of /sml/branches/primop-branch-3/compiler/ElabData/basics/debindex.sml

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Revision 2740 - (download) (annotate)
Tue Aug 21 21:05:34 2007 UTC (12 years ago) by gkuan
File size: 1382 byte(s)
Defunctorized Elaborator (i.e., elabtop, elabmod, sigmatch, evalentity, and instantiate) by using types.sml pkind representation instead of FLINT tkind
(* debindex.sml *)

 * This implements the abstraction of de Bruijn indices used
 * by the FLINT type and term language. The notion of depth
 * refers to the type-binding depth relative to the top level
 * of the current compilation unit. I can't make type depth 
 * and index abstract because certain clients want to use 
 * the values of these types as table indices.

(* I moved this into the elaborator library.  It may be moved
 * back to FLINT if the elaborator gets "cleaned up", i.e., if
 * it is made to be unaware of such middle-end specifics.
 * (08/2001 Blume) *)

structure DebIndex : DEB_INDEX = 

local structure EM = ErrorMsg

fun bug s = EM.impossible ("DebIndex: " ^ s)

type depth = int
type index = int

val top = 0

fun next i = i + 1

fun prev i = if (i > 0) then i-1 else bug "negative depth in prev"

fun eq (i:int, j) = (i=j)

fun dp_key (i : depth) = i

fun dp_print i = Int.toString i

fun dp_toint (i : depth) = i
fun dp_fromint (i : int) = i

fun calc (cur:int, def) = 
  if def > cur then bug "the definition is deeper than the use"
  else (cur - def)

val cmp = Int.compare

fun di_key i = i

fun di_print i = Int.toString i

fun di_toint (i : index) = i
fun di_fromint (i : int) = i

val innermost = 1
val innersnd = 2
fun di_inner i = i+1

end (* local *)
end (* structure DebIndex *)

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