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[smlnj] Diff of /sml/branches/primop-branch-3/compiler/Elaborator/print/ppmod.sml
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Diff of /sml/branches/primop-branch-3/compiler/Elaborator/print/ppmod.sml

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revision 3229, Sun Sep 21 23:03:38 2008 UTC revision 3285, Wed Apr 1 16:20:00 2009 UTC
# Line 246  Line 246 
246                          newline();                          newline();
247                          pps "prim:";                          pps "prim:";
248                          break {nsp=1,offset=2};                          break {nsp=1,offset=2};
                         (* GK: This should be cleaned up soon so as to use a  
                            ppStrInfo that is an actual pretty printer conforming  
                            to the pattern of the other pretty printers.  
                         PrimOpId.ppStrInfo prim; *)  
249                          PPPrim.ppStrPrimInfo ppstrm prim;                          PPPrim.ppStrPrimInfo ppstrm prim;
250                         closeBox();                         closeBox();
251                        closeBox())                        closeBox())

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