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[smlnj] Diff of /sml/trunk/HISTORY
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Diff of /sml/trunk/HISTORY

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revision 1489, Tue May 11 19:31:06 2004 UTC revision 1490, Tue May 11 19:32:39 2004 UTC
# Line 24  Line 24 
25  (I have not tested this patch under win32 yet.)  (I have not tested this patch under win32 yet.)
27    Here is David's e-mail:
29    Hi,
31    Attached to this email you find a diff against sml/nj 110.45
32    that will enable socket support under Windows.
34    To apply the patch (using unix or cygwin)
35    1) gunzip runtime.diff.gz
36    2) "cd" into "src/runtime" in the source tree of a fresh
37       110.45 installation.
38    3) patch -p 1 < [your/path/to]runtime.diff
40    The code compiles fine but has NOT yet been extensively tested.
41    I only ran a few tests for basic socket client functionality
42    (which worked fine).  Especially the functions that use ioctl
43    are not tested at all and might not work (see below).
45    I implemented this since we want to move to a newer version of sml/nj
46    but need socket support in order to use it.  This is the first time I
47    even had a look at the sml/nj source,  so please review my changes
48    before making this part of the distribution!  Here are a few issues
49    that I think might be better for someone to solve who is more
50    familiar with the sml/nj source (and socket programming):
52    - getnetbyaddr.c and getnetbyname.c will raise a "not implemented"
53      exception since I could not figure out what the windows equivalent
54      of these functions is
56    - In sockets-osdep.h there are a some #include statements that are
57      only used in a few files that include sockets-osdep.h
59    - In smlnj-sock-lib.c, function init_fn() calls WSAStartup() but
60      does not process its return value since I don't know how to
61      report an error upwards.
63    - It would probably be good to have a call to WSACleanup() when
64      the library is unloaded (if there is such a possibility).
65      Otherwise I think Windows will take care of this automatically
66      when the process finishes.
68    - I used ioctlsocket() as a replacement for ioctl() but I have
69      no idea if that is actually the proper replacement on Windows.
71    - All these issues are marked in the code by "FIXME" comments.
73    We use sml/nj extensively in our products and are quite happy
74    with it.  I hope this contribution will help you.
76    Keep up the good work!
78    David
80  ----------------------------------------------------------------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------------
81  Name: Matthias Blume (blume (at) tti - c (dot) org)  Name: Matthias Blume (blume (at) tti - c (dot) org)
82  Date: 2004/05/11 14:20:00 CDT  Date: 2004/05/11 14:20:00 CDT

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