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Diff of /sml/trunk/HISTORY

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revision 1077, Tue Feb 19 15:48:50 2002 UTC revision 1078, Tue Feb 19 21:26:48 2002 UTC
# Line 14  Line 14 
15  ----------------------------------------------------------------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------------
16  Name: Matthias Blume  Name: Matthias Blume
17    Date: 2002/02/19 16:20:00 EST
18    Tag: blume-20020219-cmffi
19    Description:
21    A wild mix of changes, some minor, some major:
23    * All C FFI-related libraries are now anchored under $c:
24        $/c.cm      --> $c/c.cm
25        $/c-int.cm  --> $c/internals/c-int.cm
26        $/memory.cm --> $c/memory/memory.cm
28    * "make" tool (in CM) now treats its argument pathname slightly
29      differently:
30        1. If the native expansion is an absolute name, then before invoking
31           the "make" command on it, CM will apply OS.Path.mkRelative
32           (with relativeTo = OS.FileSys.getDir()) to it.
33        2. The argument will be passed through to subsequent phases of CM
34           processing without "going native".  In particular, if the argument
35           was an anchored path, then "make" will not lose track of that anchor.
37    * Compiler backends now "know" their respective C calling conventions
38      instead of having to be told about it by ml-nlffigen.  This relieves
39      ml-nlffigen from one of its burdens.
41    * The X86Backend has been split into X86CCallBackend and X86StdCallBackend.
43    * Export C_DEBUG and C_Debug from $c/c.cm.
45    * C type encoding in ml-nlffi-lib has been improved to model the conceptual
46      subtyping relationship between incomplete pointers and their complete
47      counterparts.  For this, ('t, 'c) ptr has been changed to 'o ptr --
48      with the convention of instantiating 'o with ('t, 'c) obj whenever
49      the pointer target type is complete.  In the incomplete case, 'o
50      will be instantiated with some "'c iobj" -- a type obtained by
51      using one of the functors PointerToIncompleteType or PointerToCompleteType.
53      Operations that work on both incomplete and complete pointer types are
54      typed as taking an 'o ptr while operations that require the target to
55      be known are typed as taking some ('t, 'c) obj ptr.
57      voidptr is now a bit "more concrete", namely "type voidptr = void ptr'"
58      where void is an eqtype without any values.  This makes it possible
59      to work on voidptr values using functions meant to operate on light
60      incomplete pointers.
62    * As a result of the above, signature POINTER_TO_INCOMPLETE_TYPE has
63      been vastly simplified.
65    ----------------------------------------------------------------------
66    Name: Matthias Blume
67  Date: 2002/02/19 10:48:00 EST  Date: 2002/02/19 10:48:00 EST
68  Tag: blume-20020219-pqfix  Tag: blume-20020219-pqfix
69  Description:  Description:

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