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[smlnj] Diff of /sml/trunk/HISTORY
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Diff of /sml/trunk/HISTORY

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revision 642, Thu May 11 07:30:29 2000 UTC revision 643, Fri May 12 08:29:15 2000 UTC
# Line 13  Line 13 
13  Description:  Description:
14  ----------------------------------------------------------------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------------
15  Name: Matthias Blume  Name: Matthias Blume
16    Date: 2000/05/12 17:30:00 JST
17    Tag: blume-20000512-anchors
18    Description:
20    !!! NEW BOOT FILES !!!
22    This change is in preparation of fading out support for "implicitly
23    anchored path names".  I went through all sources and used the
24    explicit (and relatively new) $-notation.  See system/README and the
25    CM manual for more info on this.
27    I also modified the anchoring scheme for some things such as "smlnj",
28    "MLRISC", "cm", etc. to take advantage of the fact that explicit
29    anchors are more expressive: anchor name and first arc do not have to
30    coincide.  This entails the following user-visible change:
32    You have to write $smlnj/foo/bar instead of smlnj/foo/bar.  In
33    particular, when you fire up sml with a command-line argument, say,
34    e.g.:
36       sml '$smlnj/cmb.cm'
38    At the ML toplevel prompt:
40       CM.autoload "$smlnj/cmb.cm";
42    There is also a new controller in CM.Control that can be used to turn
43    off all remaining support for implicit anchors by saying:
45        CM.autoload "$smlnj/
46        #set CM.Control.implicit_anchors false;
48    This causes CM to reject implicitly anchored paths.  This is (for the
49    time being) less permissive than the "final" version where there will
50    be no more such implicit anchors and relative paths will be just that:
51    relative.
53    The next step (version after next version?) will be to make the
54    default for CM.Control.implicit_anchors false.  After the dust has
55    settled, I can then produce the "final" version of this...
57    Note: Since bootstrapping is a bit tricky, I provided new boot files.
59    ----------------------------------------------------------------------
60    Name: Matthias Blume
61  Date: 2000/05/11 16:30:00 JST  Date: 2000/05/11 16:30:00 JST
62  Tag: blume-20000511-sources  Tag: blume-20000511-sources
63  Description:  Description:

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