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[smlnj] Diff of /sml/trunk/HISTORY
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Diff of /sml/trunk/HISTORY

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revision 1136, Tue Mar 12 19:44:02 2002 UTC revision 1140, Wed Mar 13 18:59:03 2002 UTC
# Line 12  Line 12 
12  Tag: <post-commit CVS tag>  Tag: <post-commit CVS tag>
13  Description:  Description:
14  ----------------------------------------------------------------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------------
15    Name: Matthias Blume
16    Date: 2002/03/13 14:00:00 EST
17    Tag: blume-20020313-overload-etc
18    Description:
20    1. Added _overload as a synonym for overload for backward compatibility.
21       (Control.overloadKW must be true for either version to be accepted.)
23    2. Fixed bug in install script that caused more things to be installed
24       than what was requested in config/targets.
26    3. Made CM aware of the (_)overload construct so that autoloading
27       works.
29    ----------------------------------------------------------------------
30    Name: Matthias Blume
31    Date: 2002/03/12 22:03:00 EST
32    Tag: blume-20020312-url
33    Description:
35    Forgot to update BOOT and srcarchiveurl.
37    ----------------------------------------------------------------------
38    Name: Matthias Blume
39    Date: 2002/03/12 17:30:00 EST
40    Tag: blume-20020312-version110392
41    Description:
43    Yet another version number bump (because of small changes to the
44    binfile format).  Version number is now 110.39.2.  NEW BOOTFILES!
46    Changes:
48      The new pid generation scheme described a few weeks ago was overly
49      complicated.  I implemented a new mechanism that is simpler and
50      provides a bit more "stability":  Once CM has seen a compilation
51      unit, it keeps its identity constant (as long as you do not delete
52      those crucial CM/GUID/* files).  This means that when you change
53      and interface, compiler, then go back to the old interface, and
54      compile again, you arrive at the original pid.
56      There now also is a mechanism that instructs CM to use the plain
57      environment hash as a module's pid (effectively making its GUID
58      the empty string).  For this, "noguid" must be specified as an
59      option to the .sml file in question within its .cm file.
60      This is most useful for code that is being generated by tools such
61      as ml-nlffigen (because during development programmers tend to
62      erase the tool's entire output directory tree including CM's cached
63      GUIDs).  "noguid" is somewhat dangerous (since it can be used to locally
64      revert to the old, broken behavior of SML/NJ, but in specific cases
65      where there is no danger of interface confusion, its use is ok
66      (I think).
68      ml-nlffigen by default generates "noguid" annotations.  They can be
69      turned off by specifying -guid in its command line.
71    ----------------------------------------------------------------------
72  Name: Lal George  Name: Lal George
73  Date: 2002/03/12 12 14:42:36 EST  Date: 2002/03/12 12 14:42:36 EST
74  Tag: george-20020312-frequency-computation  Tag: george-20020312-frequency-computation

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