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[smlnj] Diff of /sml/trunk/HISTORY
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Diff of /sml/trunk/HISTORY

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revision 572, Thu Mar 9 02:43:06 2000 UTC revision 576, Fri Mar 10 07:27:16 2000 UTC
# Line 11  Line 11 
11  Date:  Date:
12  Tag: <post-commit CVS tag>  Tag: <post-commit CVS tag>
13  Description:  Description:
14    ----------------------------------------------------------------------
15    Name: Allen Leung
16    Date: 00/03/10 02:20:00
17    Tag: leunga-20000310-fix_x86_asm_ra
18    Description:
20    More assembly output problems involving the indexed addressing mode
21    on the x86 have been found and corrected. Thanks to Fermin Reig for the
22    fix.
24    The interface and implementation of the register allocator have been changed
25    slightly to accommodate the possibility to skip the register allocation
26    phases completely and go directly to memory allocation.  This is needed
27    for C-- use.
29    ----------------------------------------------------------------------
30    Name: Matthias Blume
31    Date: 00/03/09 10:23:53
32    Tag: blume_main_v110p26p1_0
33    Description:
35    * Complete re-organization of library names.  Many libraries have been
36    consolidated so that they share the same path anchor.  For example,
37    all MLRISC-related libraries are anchored at MLRISC, most libraries that
38    are SML/NJ-specific are under "smlnj".  Notice that names like
39    host-cmb.cm or host-compiler.cm no longer exist.  See system/README
40    for a complete description of the new naming scheme.  Quick reference:
42       host-cmb.cm        -> smlnj/cmb.cm
43       host-compiler.cm   -> smlnj/compiler.cm
44       full-cm.cm         -> smlnj/cm.cm
45       <arch>-<os>.cm     -> smlnj/cmb/<arch>-<os>.cm
46       <arch>-compiler.cm -> smlnj/compiler/<arch>.cm
48    * Bug fixes in CM.
49        - exceptions in user code are being passed through (i.e., reach top level)
50        - more bugs in paranoia mode fixed
51        - bug related to checking group owners fixed
53    * New install.sh script that automagically fetches archive files:
54      The new file config/srcarchiveurl must contain the URL of the
55      (remote) directory that contains bin files (or other source archives).
56      If install.sh does not find the archive locally, it tries to get
57      it from that remote directory.
58      This should simplify installation further:  For machines that have
59      access to the internet, just fetch <version>-config.tgz, unpack it,
60      edit config/targets, and go (run config/install.sh).  The scipt will
61      fetch everything else that it might need all by itself.
63      For CVS users, this mechanism is not relevant for source archives, but
64      it is convenient for getting new sets of binfiles.
66      Archives should be tar files compressed with either gzip, compress, or
67      bzip2.  The script recognizes .tgz, .tar, tar.gz, tz, .tar.Z, and .tar.bz2.
69  ----------------------------------------------------------------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------------
70  Name: Matthias Blume  Name: Matthias Blume

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