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[smlnj] Diff of /sml/trunk/HISTORY
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Diff of /sml/trunk/HISTORY

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revision 570, Wed Mar 8 17:30:13 2000 UTC revision 578, Tue Mar 14 05:16:29 2000 UTC
# Line 11  Line 11 
11  Date:  Date:
12  Tag: <post-commit CVS tag>  Tag: <post-commit CVS tag>
13  Description:  Description:
14    ----------------------------------------------------------------------
15    Name: Matthias Blume
16    Date: 2000/03/14 14:15:32
17    Tag: blume_main_v110p26p1_2
18    Description:
20    1. Tools.registerStdShellCmdTool (from smlnj/cm/tool.cm) takes an
21    additional argument called "template" which is an optional string that
22    specifiel the layout of the tool command line.  See the CM manual for
23    explanation.
25    2. A special-purpose tool can be "regisitered" by simply dropping the
26    corresponding <...>-tool.cm (and/or <...>-ext.cm) into the same
27    directory where the .cm file lives that uses this tool.  (The
28    behavior/misfeature until now was to look for the tool description
29    files in the current working directory.)  As before, tool description
30    files could also be anchored -- in which case they can live anywhere
31    they like.  Following the recent e-mail discussion, this change should
32    make it easier to have special-purpose tools that are shipped together
33    with the sources of the program that uses them.
35  ----------------------------------------------------------------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------------
36  Name:  Name: Matthias Blume
37  Date:  Date: 2000/03/10 07:48:34
38  Tag:  Tag: blume_main_v110p26p1_1
39    Description:
41    I added a re-written version of Dave's fixpt script to src/system.
42    Changes relative to the original version:
43      - sh-ified (not everybody has ksh)
44      - automatically figures out which architecture it runs on
45      - uses ./makeml a bit more cleverly
46      - never invokes ./installml (and, thus, does not clobber your
47        good and working installation of sml in case something goes wrong)
48      - accepts max iteration count using option "-iter <n>"
49      - accepts a "base" name using option "-base <base>"
51    It does not build any extraneous heap images but directly rebuilds
52    bin- and boot-hierarchies using makeml's "-rebuild" switch. Finally,
53    it can incorporate existing bin- and boot- hierarchies.  For example,
54    suppose the base is set to "sml" (which is the default).  Then it
55    successively builds
57            sml.bin.<arch>-unix and sml.boot.<arch>-unix
58    then    sml1.bin.<arch>-unix and sml1.boot.<arch>-unix
59    then    sml2.bin.<arch>-unix and sml2.boot.<arch>-unix
60    ...
61    then    sml<n>.bin.<arch>-unix and sml<n>.boot.<arch>-unix
63    and so on.  If any of these already exist, it will just use what's
64    there.  In particular, many people will have the initial set of bin
65    and boot files around, so this saves time for at least one full
66    rebuild.  Having sets of the form <base><k>.{bin,boot}.<arch>-unix for
67    <k>=1,2,... is normally not a good idea when invoking fixpt.  However,
68    they might be the result of an earlier partial run of fixpt (which
69    perhaps got accidentially killed).  In this case, fixpt will quickly
70    move through what exists before continuing where it left off earlier,
71    and, thus, saves a lot of time.
73    ----------------------------------------------------------------------
74    Name: Allen Leung
75    Date: 00/03/10 02:20:00
76    Tag: leunga-20000310-fix_x86_asm_ra
77    Description:
79    More assembly output problems involving the indexed addressing mode
80    on the x86 have been found and corrected. Thanks to Fermin Reig for the
81    fix.
83    The interface and implementation of the register allocator have been changed
84    slightly to accommodate the possibility to skip the register allocation
85    phases completely and go directly to memory allocation.  This is needed
86    for C-- use.
88    ----------------------------------------------------------------------
89    Name: Matthias Blume
90    Date: 00/03/09 10:23:53
91    Tag: blume_main_v110p26p1_0
92    Description:
94    * Complete re-organization of library names.  Many libraries have been
95    consolidated so that they share the same path anchor.  For example,
96    all MLRISC-related libraries are anchored at MLRISC, most libraries that
97    are SML/NJ-specific are under "smlnj".  Notice that names like
98    host-cmb.cm or host-compiler.cm no longer exist.  See system/README
99    for a complete description of the new naming scheme.  Quick reference:
101       host-cmb.cm        -> smlnj/cmb.cm
102       host-compiler.cm   -> smlnj/compiler.cm
103       full-cm.cm         -> smlnj/cm.cm
104       <arch>-<os>.cm     -> smlnj/cmb/<arch>-<os>.cm
105       <arch>-compiler.cm -> smlnj/compiler/<arch>.cm
107    * Bug fixes in CM.
108        - exceptions in user code are being passed through (i.e., reach top level)
109        - more bugs in paranoia mode fixed
110        - bug related to checking group owners fixed
112    * New install.sh script that automagically fetches archive files:
113      The new file config/srcarchiveurl must contain the URL of the
114      (remote) directory that contains bin files (or other source archives).
115      If install.sh does not find the archive locally, it tries to get
116      it from that remote directory.
117      This should simplify installation further:  For machines that have
118      access to the internet, just fetch <version>-config.tgz, unpack it,
119      edit config/targets, and go (run config/install.sh).  The scipt will
120      fetch everything else that it might need all by itself.
122      For CVS users, this mechanism is not relevant for source archives, but
123      it is convenient for getting new sets of binfiles.
125      Archives should be tar files compressed with either gzip, compress, or
126      bzip2.  The script recognizes .tgz, .tar, tar.gz, tz, .tar.Z, and .tar.bz2.
128    ----------------------------------------------------------------------
129    Name: Matthias Blume
130    Date: 2000/03/07 04:01:04
131    Tag: blume_main_v110_26_2
132  Description:  Description:
133    - size info in BOOTLIST
134         * no fixed upper limits for number of bootfiles or length of
135           bootfile names in runtime
136         * falling back to old behavior if no BOOTLIST size info found
137    - allocation size heuristics in .run-sml
138         * tries to read cache size from /proc/cpuinfo (this is important for
139            small-cache Celeron systems!)
140    - install.sh robustified
141    - CM manual updates
142    - paranoid mode
143         * no more CMB.deliver() (i.e., all done by CMB.make())
144         * can re-use existing sml.boot.* files
145         * init.cmi now treated as library
146         * library stamps for consistency checks
147    - sml.boot.<arch>-<os>/PIDMAP file
148         * This file is read by the CM startup code.  This is used to minimize
149           the amount of dynamic state that needs to be stowed away for the
150           purpose of sharing between interactive system and user code.
151    - CM.Anchor.anchor instead of CM.Anchor.{set,cancel}
152         * Upon request by Elsa.  Anchors now controlled by get-set-pair
153           like most other CM state variables.
154    - Compiler.CMSA eliminated
155         * No longer supported by CM anyway.
156    - fixed bugs in pickler that kept biting Stefan
157         * past refs to past refs (was caused by the possibility that
158           ad-hoc sharing is more discriminating than hash-cons sharing)
159         * integer overflow on LargeInt.minInt
160    - ml-{lex,yacc} build scripts now use new mechanism
161      for building standalone programs
162    - fixed several gcc -Wall warnings that were caused by missing header
163      files, missing initializations, etc., in runtime (not all warnings
164      eliminated, though)

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