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[smlnj] Diff of /sml/trunk/HISTORY
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Diff of /sml/trunk/HISTORY

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revision 642, Thu May 11 07:30:29 2000 UTC revision 652, Tue Jun 6 02:14:56 2000 UTC
# Line 13  Line 13 
13  Description:  Description:
14  ----------------------------------------------------------------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------------
15  Name: Matthias Blume  Name: Matthias Blume
16    Date: 2000/06/06 11:15:00 JST
17    Tag: blume-20000606-lazierpickle
18    Description:
20    !!!! NEW BOOT FILES !!!!
22    * The main purpose of this update is to make library pickles lazier in
23    order to reduce the initial space penalty for autoloading a library.
24    As a result, it is now possible to have $smlnj/compiler.cm
25    pre-registered.  This should take care of the many complaints or
26    inquiries about missing structure Compiler.  This required changes to
27    CM's internal data structures and small tweaks to some algorithms.
29    As a neat additional effect, it is no longer necessary (for the sake
30    of lean heap image files) to distinguish between a "minimal" CM and a
31    "full" CM.  Now, there is only one CM (i.e., the "full" version:
32    $smlnj/cm.cm aka $smlnj/cm/full.cm), and it is always available at the
33    interactive top level. ($smlnj/cm/minimal.cm is gone.)
35    To make the life of compiler-hackers easier, "makeml" now also
36    pre-registers $smlnj/cmb.cm (aka $smlnj/cmb/current.cm).  In other
37    words, after you bootstrap a new sml for the first time, you will not
38    have to autoload $smlnj/cmb.cm again afterwards.  (The first time
39    around you will still have to do it, though.)
41    * A second change consists of major updates to the CM manual.  There
42    are now several appendices with summary information and also a full
43    specification of the CM description file syntax.
45    * In directory src/system I added the script "allcross".  This script
46    invokes sml and cross-compiles the compiler for all supported
47    architectures.  (Useful when providing a new set of boot files.)
49    * There seems to be a latent bug in my "lazy pickles" mechanism.  I
50    added a small tweak to pickle-util.sml to work around this problem,
51    but it is not a proper fix yet.  I will investigate further.  (The
52    effect of the bug was an inflation of library pickle size.)
54    * Version number increased to 110.28.1 (to avoid compatibility problems).
56    ----------------------------------------------------------------------
57    Name: Allen Leung
58    Date: 2000/05/25 17:28 EDT
59    Tag: leunga-20000525-ra
60    Description:
62      Fixed a bug in freezing phase of the register allocator.
64    ----------------------------------------------------------------------
65    Name: Allen Leung
66    Date: 2000/05/15 22:53 EDT
67    Tag: leunga-20000515-alpha-x86-ra
68    Description:
70      1. Alpha
72          Slight cleanup.  Removed the instruction SGNXL
74      2. X86
76          Added the following instructions to the instruction set:
78            ROLx, RORx,
79            BTx, BTSx, BTLx, BTRx,
80            XCHGx, and variants with the LOCK prefix
82      3. Register Allocation
84          The module ra-rewrite-with-renaming has been improved.
86      These have no effect on SML/NJ.
88    ----------------------------------------------------------------------
89    Name: Matthias Blume
90    Date: 2000/05/15 16:20:00 JST
91    Tag: blume-20000515-lightrebuild
92    Description:
94    1. I added an alternative to "-rebuild" to "makeml".  The difference is
95       that prior to calling CMB.make' the CM-variable "LIGHT" will be
96       defined.  In effect, the command will not build any cross-compiler
97       backends and therefore finish more quickly.
99       The "fixpt" script also takes a "-light" switch to be able to use
100       this new facility while compiling for a fixpoint.
102    2. I replaced all mentions of anchored paths in group owner specifications
103       with simple relative paths (usually starting with "..").
104       The rationale is that a library's internal workings should not be
105       compromised by the lack of some anchor.  (An anchor is necessary
106       for someone who wants to refer to the library by an anchored path,
107       but it should not be necessary to build the same library in the first
108       place.)
110    3. I changed the way CM's tool mechanism determines the shell command
111       string used for things like ml-yacc etc. so that it does not break
112       when CM.Control.implicit_anchors is turned off.
114    ----------------------------------------------------------------------
115    Name: Matthias Blume
116    Date: 2000/05/12 18:20:00 JST
117    Tag: blume-20000512-ml-build
118    Description:
120    Fixed a bug in config/_ml-build that prevented ml-yacc and ml-lex from
121    getting installed properly (by config/install.sh).
123    ----------------------------------------------------------------------
124    Name: Matthias Blume
125    Date: 2000/05/12 17:30:00 JST
126    Tag: blume-20000512-anchors
127    Description:
129    !!! NEW BOOT FILES !!!
131    This change is in preparation of fading out support for "implicitly
132    anchored path names".  I went through all sources and used the
133    explicit (and relatively new) $-notation.  See system/README and the
134    CM manual for more info on this.
136    I also modified the anchoring scheme for some things such as "smlnj",
137    "MLRISC", "cm", etc. to take advantage of the fact that explicit
138    anchors are more expressive: anchor name and first arc do not have to
139    coincide.  This entails the following user-visible change:
141    You have to write $smlnj/foo/bar instead of smlnj/foo/bar.  In
142    particular, when you fire up sml with a command-line argument, say,
143    e.g.:
145       sml '$smlnj/cmb.cm'
147    At the ML toplevel prompt:
149       CM.autoload "$smlnj/cmb.cm";
151    There is also a new controller in CM.Control that can be used to turn
152    off all remaining support for implicit anchors by saying:
154        CM.autoload "$smlnj/
155        #set CM.Control.implicit_anchors false;
157    This causes CM to reject implicitly anchored paths.  This is (for the
158    time being) less permissive than the "final" version where there will
159    be no more such implicit anchors and relative paths will be just that:
160    relative.
162    The next step (version after next version?) will be to make the
163    default for CM.Control.implicit_anchors false.  After the dust has
164    settled, I can then produce the "final" version of this...
166    Note: Since bootstrapping is a bit tricky, I provided new boot files.
168    ----------------------------------------------------------------------
169    Name: Matthias Blume
170  Date: 2000/05/11 16:30:00 JST  Date: 2000/05/11 16:30:00 JST
171  Tag: blume-20000511-sources  Tag: blume-20000511-sources
172  Description:  Description:

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