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[smlnj] Diff of /sml/trunk/HISTORY
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Diff of /sml/trunk/HISTORY

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revision 647, Tue May 16 02:53:02 2000 UTC revision 656, Fri Jun 9 03:39:04 2000 UTC
# Line 12  Line 12 
12  Tag: <post-commit CVS tag>  Tag: <post-commit CVS tag>
13  Description:  Description:
14  ----------------------------------------------------------------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------------
15    Name: Matthias Blume
16    Date: 2000/06/09 12:40:00
17    Tag: blume-20000609-log
18    Description:
20    - Removed all(?) remaining RCS Log entries from sources.
22    - Fixed bug in ml-yacc and ml-lex sources (use explicit anchors for
23      anchored paths).
25    ----------------------------------------------------------------------
26    Name: Matthias Blume
27    Date: 2000/06/07 17:00:00 JST
28    Tag: blume-20000607-no-implicit-anchors
29    Description:
31    1. This update changes the default setting for
32    CM.Control.implicit_anchors from true to false.  This means that
33    implicit anchors are no longer permitted by default.  I also tried to
34    make sure that nothing else still relies on implicit anchors.
35    (This is the next step on the schedule towards a CM that does not even
36    have the notion of implicit anchors anymore.)
38    2. More CM manual updates.
40    3. I managed to track down and fix the pickling bug I mentioned last
41    time.  Because of the previously existing workaround, this entails no
42    immediate practical changes.
44    ----------------------------------------------------------------------
45    Name: Matthias Blume
46    Date: 2000/06/06 11:15:00 JST
47    Tag: blume-20000606-lazierpickle
48    Description:
50    !!!! NEW BOOT FILES !!!!
52    * The main purpose of this update is to make library pickles lazier in
53    order to reduce the initial space penalty for autoloading a library.
54    As a result, it is now possible to have $smlnj/compiler.cm
55    pre-registered.  This should take care of the many complaints or
56    inquiries about missing structure Compiler.  This required changes to
57    CM's internal data structures and small tweaks to some algorithms.
59    As a neat additional effect, it is no longer necessary (for the sake
60    of lean heap image files) to distinguish between a "minimal" CM and a
61    "full" CM.  Now, there is only one CM (i.e., the "full" version:
62    $smlnj/cm.cm aka $smlnj/cm/full.cm), and it is always available at the
63    interactive top level. ($smlnj/cm/minimal.cm is gone.)
65    To make the life of compiler-hackers easier, "makeml" now also
66    pre-registers $smlnj/cmb.cm (aka $smlnj/cmb/current.cm).  In other
67    words, after you bootstrap a new sml for the first time, you will not
68    have to autoload $smlnj/cmb.cm again afterwards.  (The first time
69    around you will still have to do it, though.)
71    * A second change consists of major updates to the CM manual.  There
72    are now several appendices with summary information and also a full
73    specification of the CM description file syntax.
75    * In directory src/system I added the script "allcross".  This script
76    invokes sml and cross-compiles the compiler for all supported
77    architectures.  (Useful when providing a new set of boot files.)
79    * There seems to be a latent bug in my "lazy pickles" mechanism.  I
80    added a small tweak to pickle-util.sml to work around this problem,
81    but it is not a proper fix yet.  I will investigate further.  (The
82    effect of the bug was an inflation of library pickle size.)
84    * Version number increased to 110.28.1 (to avoid compatibility problems).
86    ----------------------------------------------------------------------
87    Name: Allen Leung
88    Date: 2000/05/25 17:28 EDT
89    Tag: leunga-20000525-ra
90    Description:
92      Fixed a bug in freezing phase of the register allocator.
94    ----------------------------------------------------------------------
95  Name: Allen Leung  Name: Allen Leung
96  Date: 2000/05/15 22:53 EDT  Date: 2000/05/15 22:53 EDT
97  Tag: leunga-20000515-alpha-x86-ra  Tag: leunga-20000515-alpha-x86-ra

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