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[smlnj] Diff of /sml/trunk/compiler/CodeGen/main/machine-gen.sml
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Diff of /sml/trunk/compiler/CodeGen/main/machine-gen.sml

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revision 837, Fri Jun 1 17:27:54 2001 UTC revision 838, Tue Jun 5 19:10:21 2001 UTC
# Line 47  Line 47 
48     fun omitFramePointer(cluster as F.CLUSTER{annotations, ...}) =     fun omitFramePointer(cluster as F.CLUSTER{annotations, ...}) =
49       if #contains MLRiscAnnotations.USES_VIRTUAL_FRAME_POINTER (!annotations) then       if #contains MLRiscAnnotations.USES_VIRTUAL_FRAME_POINTER (!annotations) then
50          (print "calling omit frame pointer \n";          (OmitFramePtr.omitframeptr
51           OmitFramePtr.omitframeptr{vfp=CpsRegs.vfp, cl=cluster, idelta=SOME 0:Int32.int option};               {vfp=CpsRegs.vfp, cl=cluster, idelta=SOME 0:Int32.int option};
52           cluster)           cluster)
53       else cluster       else cluster

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