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[smlnj] Diff of /sml/trunk/compiler/CodeGen/ppc/ppcPseudoInstr.sml
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Diff of /sml/trunk/compiler/CodeGen/ppc/ppcPseudoInstr.sml

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revision 410, Fri Sep 3 00:25:03 1999 UTC revision 411, Fri Sep 3 00:25:03 1999 UTC
# Line 15  Line 15 
15      val tmpR = C.newReg()      val tmpR = C.newReg()
16      val tmpF = C.newFreg()      val tmpF = C.newFreg()
17    in    in
18      [I.ARITHI{oper=I.XORS, rt=tmpR, ra=reg, im=I.ImmedOp 32768},      [I.ARITHI{oper=I.XORIS, rt=tmpR, ra=reg, im=I.ImmedOp 32768},
19       I.ST{sz=I.Word, rs=tmpR, ra=sp, d=I.ImmedOp(cvti2dTmpOff+4), mem=stack},       I.ST{st=I.STW, rs=tmpR, ra=sp, d=I.ImmedOp(cvti2dTmpOff+4), mem=stack},
20       I.ARITHI{oper=I.ADDS, rt=tmpR, ra=0, im=I.ImmedOp(0x4330)},       I.ARITHI{oper=I.ADDIS, rt=tmpR, ra=0, im=I.ImmedOp(0x4330)},
21       I.ST{sz=I.Word, rs=tmpR, ra=sp, d=I.ImmedOp(cvti2dTmpOff), mem=stack},       I.ST{st=I.STW, rs=tmpR, ra=sp, d=I.ImmedOp(cvti2dTmpOff), mem=stack},
22       I.L{sz=I.Double, rt=fd, ra=sp, d=I.ImmedOp(cvti2dTmpOff), mem=stack},       I.LF{ld=I.LFD, ft=fd, ra=sp, d=I.ImmedOp(cvti2dTmpOff), mem=stack},
23       I.L{sz=I.Double, rt=tmpF, ra=sp, d=I.ImmedOp(cvti2dConstOff), mem=stack},       I.LF{ld=I.LFD, ft=tmpF, ra=sp, d=I.ImmedOp(cvti2dConstOff), mem=stack},
24       I.FARITH{oper=I.FSUB, ft=fd, fa=fd, fb=tmpF, Rc=false}]       I.FARITH{oper=I.FSUB, ft=fd, fa=fd, fb=tmpF, Rc=false}]
25    end    end
26  end  end

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