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[smlnj] View of /sml/trunk/compiler/CodeGen/x86/x86MLTree.sml
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View of /sml/trunk/compiler/CodeGen/x86/x86MLTree.sml

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Revision 984 - (download) (annotate)
Wed Nov 21 19:00:08 2001 UTC (17 years, 10 months ago) by george
Original Path: sml/trunk/src/compiler/CodeGen/x86/x86MLTree.sml
File size: 2174 byte(s)
  Implemented a complete redesign of MLRISC pseudo-ops. Now there
  ought to never be any question of incompatabilities with
  pseudo-op syntax expected by host assemblers.

  For now, only modules supporting GAS syntax are implemented
  but more should follow, such as MASM, and vendor assembler
  syntax, e.g. IBM as, Sun as, etc.
(* MLTree specialization *)
structure X86MLTree = 
  MLTreeF(structure Constant = SMLNJConstant
          structure Region=CPSRegions
	  structure Extension=X86_SMLNJMLTreeExt)

structure X86MLTreeEval =
       (structure T = X86MLTree
	fun eq _ _ =  false
        val eqRext = eq		val eqFext = eq
        val eqCCext = eq	val eqSext = eq)
structure X86MLTreeHash = 
       (structure T = X86MLTree
        fun h _ _ = 0w0
        val hashRext = h	val hashFext = h
        val hashCCext = h       val hashSext = h)

structure X86GasPseudoOps = 
   X86GasPseudoOps(structure T=X86MLTree
		   structure MLTreeEval=X86MLTreeEval)

structure X86ClientPseudoOps =
   SMLNJPseudoOps(structure Asm=X86GasPseudoOps)

structure X86PseudoOps = PseudoOps(structure Client = X86ClientPseudoOps)
structure X86Stream = InstructionStream(X86PseudoOps)

structure X86MLTreeStream = 
      (structure T = X86MLTree
       structure S = X86Stream)

(* specialised X86 instruction set *)
structure X86Instr = X86Instr(X86MLTree)

structure X86MemRegs = X86MemRegs(X86Instr)

structure X86Props = 
       (structure Instr=X86Instr
	structure MLTreeHash = X86MLTreeHash
        structure MLTreeEval = X86MLTreeEval)

structure X86Rewrite = X86Rewrite(X86Instr)
structure X86Shuffle = X86Shuffle(X86Instr)

(* Assembly code emmitter *)
structure X86AsmEmitter=
  X86AsmEmitter(structure Instr=X86Instr
		structure Shuffle=X86Shuffle
		structure MemRegs=X86MemRegs
		structure MLTreeEval=X86MLTreeEval
		structure S = X86Stream
		val memRegBase=SOME(X86Instr.C.esp))

(* Machine code emitter *)
structure X86MCEmitter = 
  X86MCEmitter(structure Instr=X86Instr
	       structure Shuffle=X86Shuffle
	       structure AsmEmitter=X86AsmEmitter
	       structure MemRegs=X86MemRegs
	       val memRegBase=SOME(X86Instr.C.esp))

(* Flowgraph data structure specialized to X86 instructions *)
structure X86CFG = 
     (structure I = X86Instr
      structure PseudoOps = X86PseudoOps
      structure GraphImpl = DirectedGraph
      structure InsnProps = X86Props
      structure Asm = X86AsmEmitter)

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