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[smlnj] Diff of /sml/trunk/config/install.sh
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Diff of /sml/trunk/config/install.sh

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revision 844, Wed Jun 20 20:39:15 2001 UTC revision 879, Thu Jul 19 18:59:38 2001 UTC
# Line 640  Line 640 
640        cml-lib)        cml-lib)
641          unpack CML $SRCDIR cml cml          unpack CML $SRCDIR cml cml
642          reglib cml-lib trace-cml.cm cml/cml-lib/cm          reglib cml-lib trace-cml.cm cml/cml-lib/cm
643          reglib cml-lib smlnj-lib.cm cml/cml-lib/cm ????          reglib cml-lib smlnj-lib.cm cml/cml-lib/cm
644          ;;          ;;
645        eXene)        eXene)
646          unpack EXene $SRCDIR eXene eXene          unpack EXene $SRCDIR eXene eXene

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