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[smlnj] Diff of /sml/trunk/config/install.sh
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Diff of /sml/trunk/config/install.sh

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revision 975, Wed Oct 31 20:22:44 2001 UTC revision 999, Tue Nov 27 06:28:37 2001 UTC
# Line 666  Line 666 
666          unpack "CM source code" $SRCDIR cm cm          unpack "CM source code" $SRCDIR cm cm
667          reglib pgraph-util.cm pgraph-util.cm cm/pgraph          reglib pgraph-util.cm pgraph-util.cm cm/pgraph
668          ;;          ;;
669          mlrisc-tools)
670            unpack "MLRISC Tools Library" $SRCDIR MLRISC MLRISC
671            reglib mlrisc-tools pp.cm MLRISC/Tools
672            reglib mlrisc-tools source-map.cm MLRISC/Tools
673            reglib mlrisc-tools sml-ast.cm MLRISC/Tools
674            reglib mlrisc-tools prec-parser.cm MLRISC/Tools
675            reglib mlrisc-tools parser.cm MLRISC/Tools
676            reglib mlrisc-tools match-compiler.cm MLRISC/Tools
677            ;;
678        doc)        doc)
679          unpack Doc $ROOT doc doc          unpack Doc $ROOT doc doc
680          cd $ROOT/doc          cd $ROOT/doc

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