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[smlnj] Diff of /sml/trunk/sml-mode/BUGS
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Diff of /sml/trunk/sml-mode/BUGS

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revision 319, Mon Jun 7 22:47:00 1999 UTC revision 395, Wed Aug 11 20:48:17 1999 UTC
# Line 1  Line 1 
1  * in SML `!' is like a single-char symbol (not an operator).  -*- text -*-
   sml-mode considers it as a tightly-binding prefix.  A similar problem  
   happens with `~'.  
3  * `raise', `div' and `mod' should not be treated like functions.  Here are the current known bugs.
4    If you find any other, send it to <monnier+lists.emacs.sml@tequila.cs.yale.edu>.
6    * indentation of a declaration after a long `datatype' is slow
8    * buggy indentation samples:  none??

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