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[smlnj] Diff of /sml/trunk/sml-mode/sml-defs.el
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Diff of /sml/trunk/sml-mode/sml-defs.el

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revision 886, Thu Jul 19 20:16:51 2001 UTC revision 887, Thu Jul 19 20:18:58 2001 UTC
# Line 77  Line 77 
77  (easy-menu-define sml-mode-menu sml-mode-map "Menu used in `sml-mode'."  (easy-menu-define sml-mode-menu sml-mode-map "Menu used in `sml-mode'."
78    '("SML"    '("SML"
79      ("Process"      ("Process"
80       ["Start default ML compiler" sml           t]       ["Start default ML compiler" run-sml               t]
81       ["-" nil nil]       ["-" nil nil]
82       ["run CM.make"             sml-make        (featurep 'sml-proc)]       ["run CM.make"             sml-make        t]
83       ["load ML source file"     sml-load-file   (featurep 'sml-proc)]       ["load ML source file"     sml-load-file   t]
84       ["switch to ML buffer"     switch-to-sml   (featurep 'sml-proc)]       ["switch to ML buffer"     switch-to-sml   t]
85       ["--" nil nil]       ["--" nil nil]
86       ["send buffer contents"    sml-send-buffer (featurep 'sml-proc)]       ["send buffer contents"    sml-send-buffer t]
87       ["send region"             sml-send-region (featurep 'sml-proc)]       ["send region"             sml-send-region t]
88       ["send paragraph"          sml-send-function (featurep 'sml-proc)]       ["send paragraph"          sml-send-function t]
      ;;["goto next error"               sml-next-error  (featurep 'sml-proc)]  
89       ["goto next error"         next-error      (featurep 'sml-proc)]       ["goto next error"         next-error      (featurep 'sml-proc)]
90       ["---" nil nil]       ["---" nil nil]
91       ;; ["Standard ML of New Jersey" sml-smlnj  (fboundp 'sml-smlnj)]       ;; ["Standard ML of New Jersey" sml-smlnj  (fboundp 'sml-smlnj)]

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