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[smlnj] Diff of /sml/trunk/sml-mode/sml-mode.el
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Diff of /sml/trunk/sml-mode/sml-mode.el

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revision 708, Sat Oct 7 03:27:54 2000 UTC revision 709, Sat Oct 7 03:35:08 2000 UTC
# Line 875  Line 875 
875  (defconst sml-yacc-font-lock-defaults  (defconst sml-yacc-font-lock-defaults
876    (cons sml-yacc-font-lock-keywords (cdr sml-font-lock-defaults)))    (cons sml-yacc-font-lock-keywords (cdr sml-font-lock-defaults)))
 (defun sml-yacc-bnf-p ()  
878  (defun sml-yacc-indent-line ()  (defun sml-yacc-indent-line ()
879    "Indent current line of ML-Yacc code."    "Indent current line of ML-Yacc code."
880    (let ((savep (> (current-column) (current-indentation)))    (let ((savep (> (current-column) (current-indentation)))

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