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View of /sml/trunk/src/MLRISC/Doc/cluster.html

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<FONT COLOR="#aa0000">Cluster</FONT></H1></CENTER>

A <em>cluster</em> represents a compilation unit in linearized form.
A compilation unit in MLRISC allows compilation unit tha
It contains information about the control flow, annotations, 
frequencies, and live-in/live-out information.

Its signature is:
signature FLOWGRAPH = sig
  structure C : <a href="cells.html"> CELLS </a>
  structure I : <a href="instructions.html"> INSTRUCTIONS </a>
  structure P : <a href="pseudo-ops"> PSEUDO_OPS </a>
  structure W : <a href="freq.html"> FREQ </a>
	  sharing I.C = C

  datatype block =
      PSEUDO of P.pseudo_op
    | LABEL of Label.label
    | BBLOCK of { blknum      : int,
                  freq        : W.freq ref,
                  annotations : Annotations.annotations ref,
		  liveIn      : C.cellset ref,
		  liveOut     : C.cellset ref,
		  succ 	      : edge list ref,
		  pred 	      : edge list ref,
		  insns	      : I.instruction list ref
    | ENTRY of {blknum : int, freq : W.freq ref, succ : edge list ref}
    | EXIT of {blknum : int, freq : W.freq ref, pred : edge list ref}
  withtype edge = block * W.freq ref

  datatype cluster = 
      CLUSTER of {
        blocks: block list, 
	entry : block,
	exit  : block,	  
        regmap: C.regmap,
        blkCounter : int ref,
        annotations : Annotations.annotations ref

Clusters are used in
<a href="span-dep.html"> span dependency resolution </a>, 
<a href="delayslots.html"> delay slot filling </a>,
<a href="asm.html"> assembly <a>, and <a href="mc.html"> machine code </a> 
output, since these phases require the code laid out in linearized form.



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