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View of /sml/trunk/src/MLRISC/Doc/latex/line-counts.tex

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Thu Jun 1 18:34:03 2000 UTC (19 years, 1 month ago) by monnier
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\section{Line Counts}

  \begin{Table}{|l|r|r|}{align=right} \hline
                                               & SML/NJ & MLRISC \\ \hline
      \begin{color}{#00aa00}Generic\end{color} & 3,023 & 6,814 \\
      \begin{color}{#00aa00}Hppa\end{color}    &  725  & 2,285 \\
      \begin{color}{#00aa00}Alpha\end{color}   &  614  & 2,316 \\ \hline
     TOTAL & 4,362 & 11,415 \\ \hline
  The table shows the number of lines involved in a basic MLRISC code
  generator for SML/NJ that only does graph coloring register
  allocation. The SML/NJ column shows the number of lines specific to
  SML/N and the MLRISC column shows the number of lines specific to
  MLRISC. The \begin{color}{#00aa00}Generic\end{color} shows the
  number of lines that are target independent for both SML/NJ and
  MLRISC. The \begin{color}{#00aa00}Hppa\end{color} and 
  \begin{color}{#00aa00}Alpha\end{color} shows the number of lines that are
  target dependent for both the HP Hppa and DEC Alpha targets.

  The bulk of the \sml{3,023} generic to SML/NJ is involved in the
  generation of MLRisc trees. Once this is done the incremental cost
  of adding a target is between \sml{600} to \sml{700} lines.

  The MLRISC column shows that the bulk of MLRISC is quite generic and
a client is saved from writing \sml{11,415} lines of code.

  \begin{Table}{|l|r|r|}{align=left} \hline
                & SML/NJ & MLRISC \\ \hline
   \begin{color}{#00aa00}Generic\end{color} & 121 + 3,023 & 15,686 + 6,814\\
   \begin{color}{#00aa00}Hppa\end{color}    & 32 + 725    & 920 + 2,285 \\
   \begin{color}{#00aa00}Alpha\end{color}   & 614         & 2,316 \\ \hline
    TOTAL & 153 + 4,362 & 16,606 + 11,415 \\ \hline
  If one were to include the preliminary numbers for global acyclic
  scheduling in the above table, we find that the incremental cost
  required by the client is quite small -- approximately \sml{153}
  lines of which \sml{121} are generic. However, the scheduling
infra structure is quite large, a lot of it being quite generic. 


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