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View of /sml/trunk/src/MLRISC/Doc/mlrisc-arch.html

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<FONT COLOR="#aa0000">Architecture of MLRISC</FONT></H1></CENTER>

<h2> Overview </h2>
  MLRISC is 

<h2> Core Components </h2>

  The core components of MLRISC allow the client to quickly construct 
an optimizing backend for various architectures.  These components include:

  <li> The MLTREE language, which is a RTL-like intermediate language
       that is used to communicate to the MLRISC system.  A client is
       responsible for writing the translator that generates MLTREE from
       the source program.
  <li> Instruction selection modules, which generates target machine 
       instructions from the MLTREE intermediate language.
  <li> The Register Allocator, which performs register allocation.
  <li> Assemblers, which emits assembly code.

For systems that require direct machine code generation, the following
modules are included:
  <li> Span dependency resolution modules, which compute addresses    
       frmo symbolic addresses,
       fill delay slots, and expand instructions that are 
       <font color="#ff0000">span dependent</font>.
  <li> Machine code emitters, which emit machine code into a binary stream.

<h2> Optimization Modules </h2>

In addition, MLRISC has been enhanced to support various types of
machine level optimizations.  These include:

  <li> Core optimizations
  <li> SSA optimizations
  <li> ILP optimizations for superscalars
  <li> ILP optimizations for VLIW/EPIC architectures

<h2> Basic Types </h2>

<h2> How Things Are Fit Together </h2>

  <li> Cluster
  <li> MLRISC IR

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<A HREF="mailto:leunga@cs.nyu.edu">Allen Leung</A></ADDRESS>


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