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[smlnj] View of /sml/trunk/src/MLRISC/instructions/mlriscAnnotations.sig
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View of /sml/trunk/src/MLRISC/instructions/mlriscAnnotations.sig

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Revision 744 - (download) (as text) (annotate)
Fri Dec 8 04:11:42 2000 UTC (18 years, 9 months ago) by leunga
File size: 2523 byte(s)

   A CVS update record!

   Changed type cell from int to datatype, and numerous other changes.
   Affect every client of MLRISC.  Lal says this can be bootstrapped on all
   machines.  See smlnj/HISTORY for details.

   Tag:  leunga-20001207-cell-monster-hack
 * These are some basic annotations understood by the MLRISC system.
 * The MLRISC client can create its own annotations and propagate them
 * to MLRISC.  Client-defined annotations are ignored by MLRISC. 
 * -- Allen


    structure C : CELLS_BASIS = CellsBasis

     * The branch probability of conditional branches. 
     * The client can attach this with conditional branches.
     * This has no effect otherwise. 
     * Currently, the annotation is recognized by the static branch prediction
     * module. 
   exception BRANCHPROB of int
   val BRANCH_PROB : int Annotations.property (* in percentage (0-100)*) 

    (* The execution frequency of a basic block 
     * You can attach this at a basic block.
   exception EXECUTIONFREQ of int
   val EXECUTION_FREQ : int Annotations.property

    (* No effect at all; this just allows you to insert comments *)
   val COMMENT : string Annotations.property

     * Control dependence definition and use.
     * To use these, the client should generate
     * control dependence virtual registers via Cells.newCell Cells.CTRL
     * and attach these annotations to instructions and basic blocks.
     * These annotations are currently recognized by the SSA optimization
     * modules.
   exception CTRLDEF of C.cell
   exception CTRLUSE of C.cell
   val CTRL_DEF : C.cell Annotations.property
   val CTRL_USE : C.cell Annotations.property

     * This annotation can be used specify a pretty printing function for
     * assemblers
   val REGINFO : (C.cell -> string) Annotations.property

     * Disable all optimizations in the cluster
   val NO_OPTIMIZATION : unit Annotations.property

     * Mark basic block that is used for calling the GC
   val CALLGC : unit Annotations.property
   val GCSAFEPOINT : string Annotations.property

     * Insert block names
   exception BLOCKNAMES of Annotations.annotations
   val BLOCK_NAMES : Annotations.annotations Annotations.property

     * This annotation inserts an empty basic block
   exception EMPTYBLOCK 
   val EMPTY_BLOCK : unit Annotations.property

     * Enter information for a register.
   exception MARKREG of C.cell -> unit
   val MARK_REG : (C.cell -> unit) Annotations.property

     * Disable branch chaining optimization on a jump
   val NO_BRANCH_CHAINING : unit Annotations.property


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