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[smlnj] View of /sml/trunk/src/MLRISC/instructions/mlriscAnnotations.sig
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View of /sml/trunk/src/MLRISC/instructions/mlriscAnnotations.sig

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Revision 984 - (download) (as text) (annotate)
Wed Nov 21 19:00:08 2001 UTC (18 years, 10 months ago) by george
File size: 3143 byte(s)
  Implemented a complete redesign of MLRISC pseudo-ops. Now there
  ought to never be any question of incompatabilities with
  pseudo-op syntax expected by host assemblers.

  For now, only modules supporting GAS syntax are implemented
  but more should follow, such as MASM, and vendor assembler
  syntax, e.g. IBM as, Sun as, etc.
 * These are some basic annotations understood by the MLRISC system.
 * The MLRISC client can create its own annotations and propagate them
 * to MLRISC.  Client-defined annotations are ignored by MLRISC. 
 * -- Allen
 * TODO: There should be comments to say that the annotations are block
 * or instruction annotations. -- Lal.


    structure C : CELLS_BASIS = CellsBasis

     * The branch probability of conditional branches. 
     * The client can attach this with conditional branches.
     * nnThis has no effect otherwise. 
     * Currently, the annotation is recognized by the static branch prediction
     * mondule. 
   exception BRANCHPROB of int
   val BRANCH_PROB : int Annotations.property (* in percentage (0-100)*) 

    (* The execution frequency of a basic block 
     * You can attach this at a basic block.
   exception EXECUTIONFREQ of int
   val EXECUTION_FREQ : int Annotations.property

    (* No effect at all; this just allows you to insert comments *)
   val COMMENT : string Annotations.property

    (* Instructions in the block should not be reordered *)
   val NOREORDER : unit Annotations.property

     * Control dependence definition and use.
     * To use these, the client should generate
     * control dependence virtual registers via Cells.newCell Cells.CTRL
     * and attach these annotations to instructions and basic blocks.
     * These annotations are currently recognized by the SSA optimization
     * modules.
   exception CTRLDEF of C.cell
   exception CTRLUSE of C.cell
   val CTRL_DEF : C.cell Annotations.property
   val CTRL_USE : C.cell Annotations.property

     * Attach this annotation to assemblers for pretty printing
     * client defined cell informations.
   val PRINT_CELLINFO : (C.cell -> string) Annotations.property

     * Does a compilation unit has GC information? 
   val GC_INFO : unit Annotations.property

     * Disable all optimizations in the cluster
   val NO_OPTIMIZATION : unit Annotations.property

     * Mark basic block that is used for calling the GC
   val CALLGC : unit Annotations.property
   val GCSAFEPOINT : string Annotations.property

     * Insert block names
   exception BLOCKNAMES of Annotations.annotations
   val BLOCK_NAMES : Annotations.annotations Annotations.property

     * This annotation inserts an empty basic block
   exception EMPTYBLOCK 
   val EMPTY_BLOCK : unit Annotations.property

     * Enter information for a register.
   exception MARKREG of C.cell -> unit
   val MARK_REG : (C.cell -> unit) Annotations.property

     * Disable branch chaining optimization on a jump
   val NO_BRANCH_CHAINING : unit Annotations.property

     * Code has reference to a virtual (dedicated) frame pointer.
   val USES_VIRTUAL_FRAME_POINTER : unit Annotations.property

     * Define return arguments of a call (hack for x86)
   val RETURN_ARG : C.cell Annotations.property

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