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[smlnj] View of /sml/trunk/src/MLRISC/instructions/shuffle.sml
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View of /sml/trunk/src/MLRISC/instructions/shuffle.sml

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Revision 579 - (download) (annotate)
Wed Mar 22 06:33:08 2000 UTC (20 years, 3 months ago) by leunga
File size: 1974 byte(s)

1. X86 fixes/changes

   a.  x86Rewrite bug with MUL3 (found by Lal)
   b.  Added the instructions FSTS, FSTL

2. PA-RISC fixes/changes

   a.  B label should not be a delay slot candidate!  Why did this work?
   b.  ADDT(32, REG(32, r), LI n) now generates one instruction instead of two,
       as it should be.
   c.  The assembly syntax for fstds and fstdd was wrong.
   d.  Added the composite instruction COMICLR/LDO, which is the immediate
       operand variant of COMCLR/LDO.

3. Generic MLRISC

   a.  shuffle.sml rewritten to be slightly more efficient
   b.  DIV bug in mltree-simplify fixed (found by Fermin)

4. Register Allocator

   a.  I now release the interference graph earlier during spilling.
       May improve memory usage.
(* shuffle.sml -- implements the parallel copy instruction as a sequence
 *		of moves. 
 * COPYRIGHT (c) 1996 Bell Laboratories.

functor Shuffle(I : INSTRUCTIONS) :
    val shuffle : 
      {mvInstr : {dst:I.ea, src:I.ea} -> I.instruction list,
       ea : int -> I.ea} 
	{regmap: int -> int,
	 tmp : I.ea option,
	 dst : int list,
	 src : int list} 
	-> I.instruction list
  end = 
  fun equal (r1 : int, r2 : int) = r1 = r2

  fun shuffle{mvInstr, ea} {regmap, tmp, dst, src} = let
    fun mv{dst, src, instrs} = List.revAppend(mvInstr{dst=dst,src=src}, instrs)
    val TEMP = ~1
    fun opnd dst = if dst = TEMP then Option.valOf tmp else ea dst

    (* perform unconstrained moves *)
    fun loop((p as (rd,rs))::rest, changed, used, done, instrs) = 
	if List.exists (fn r => equal(r, rd)) used then
	   loop(rest, changed, used, p::done, instrs)
	else loop(rest, true, used, done,
                  mv{dst=opnd rd, src=opnd rs, instrs=instrs})
      | loop([], changed, _, done, instrs) = (changed, done, instrs)

    fun cycle([], instrs) = instrs
      | cycle(moves, instrs) =
	(case loop(moves, false, map #2 moves, [], instrs)
	  of (_, [], instrs) => instrs
	   | (true, acc, instrs) => cycle(acc, instrs)
	   | (false, (rd,rs)::acc, instrs) => let
	       fun rename(p as (a,b)) = if equal(rd, b) then (a, TEMP) else p
	       val acc' = (rd, rs) :: map rename acc
	       val instrs' = mv{dst=Option.valOf tmp,src=opnd rd,instrs=instrs}
	       val (_, acc'', instrs'') = 
		 loop(acc', false, map #2 acc', [], instrs')
	     in cycle(acc'', instrs'')

    (* remove moves that have been coalesced. *)
    fun rmvCoalesced(rd::rds, rs::rss, mvs) = let
	  val dst = regmap rd
	  val src = regmap rs
	  if dst = src then rmvCoalesced(rds, rss, mvs)
	  else rmvCoalesced(rds, rss, (dst, src)::mvs)
      | rmvCoalesced([], [], mvs) = mvs
  in rev (cycle (rmvCoalesced(dst, src, []), []))

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