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[smlnj] Diff of /sml/trunk/src/cm/Doc/03-usage.tex
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Diff of /sml/trunk/src/cm/Doc/03-usage.tex

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revision 837, Fri Jun 1 17:27:54 2001 UTC revision 838, Tue Jun 5 19:10:21 2001 UTC
# Line 114  Line 114 
114      val parse_caching : int controller      val parse_caching : int controller
115      val warn_obsolete : bool controller      val warn_obsolete : bool controller
116      val conserve_memory : bool controller      val conserve_memory : bool controller
117        val generate_index : bool controller
118    end    end
119  \end{verbatim}  \end{verbatim}
# Line 164  Line 165 
165  The default ({\em false}) can be overridden at startup by the  The default ({\em false}) can be overridden at startup by the
166  environment variable {\tt CM\_CONSERVE\_MEMORY}.  environment variable {\tt CM\_CONSERVE\_MEMORY}.
168    {\tt CM.Control.generate\_index} is used to control the generation of
169    human-readable {\em index files} (see section~\ref{sec:indexfiles}).
170    The default setting is {\em false} and can be overridden at startup by
171    the environment variable {\tt CM\_GENERATE\_INDEX}.
173  \subsubsection{Path anchors}  \subsubsection{Path anchors}
174  \label{sec:api:anchors}  \label{sec:api:anchors}

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