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Diff of /sml/trunk/src/cm/Doc/manual.bbl

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revision 578, Tue Mar 14 05:16:29 2000 UTC revision 634, Mon May 1 10:03:50 2000 UTC
# Line 40  Line 40 
40  \newblock {\em ACM Trans. on Programming Languages and Systems},  \newblock {\em ACM Trans. on Programming Languages and Systems},
41    21(4):813--846, July 1999.    21(4):813--846, July 1999.
43    \bibitem[Fel79]{feldman79}
44    S.~I. Feldman.
45    \newblock Make -- a program for maintaining computer programs.
46    \newblock In {\em Unix Programmer's Manual, Seventh Edition, Volume 2A}. Bell
47      Laboratories, 1979.
49  \bibitem[GG93]{mlburg93}  \bibitem[GG93]{mlburg93}
50  Florent Guillaume and Lal George.  Florent Guillaume and Lal George.
51  \newblock {\em {ML-Burg} Documentation}.  \newblock {\em {ML-Burg} Documentation}.

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