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Thu Mar 30 09:01:52 2000 UTC (20 years, 11 months ago) by blume
File size: 3253 byte(s)
merging back development branch blume_devel_v110p26p1_3...
This involves changes to CM and the removal of CMStaticEnv from
the compiler.  See the HISTORY file for more information.

Andrew~W. Appel and David~B. MacQueen.
\newblock {S}tandard {ML} of {N}ew {J}ersey.
\newblock In Martin Wirsing, editor, {\em 3rd International Symp. on Prog.
  Lang. Implementation and Logic Programming}, pages 1--13, New York, August
  1991. Springer-Verlag.

Andrew~W. Appel and David~B. MacQueen.
\newblock Separate compilation for {S}tandard {ML}.
\newblock In {\em Proc. SIGPLAN '94 Symp. on Prog. Language Design and
  Implementation}, volume~29, pages 13--23. ACM Press, June 1994.

Andrew~W. Appel, James~S. Mattson, and David~R. Tarditi.
\newblock A lexical analyzer generator for {Standard ML}.
\newblock Distributed with Standard ML of New Jersey, December 1989.

Rolf Adams, Walter Tichy, and Annette Weinert.
\newblock The cost of selective recompilation and environment processing.
\newblock {\em ACM TOSEM}, 3(1):3--28, January 1994.

Matthias Blume and Andrew~W. Appel.
\newblock Hierarchical modularity.
\newblock {\em ACM Trans. on Programming Languages and Systems},
  21(4):790--812, July 1999.

Matthias Blume.
\newblock Standard {ML} of {N}ew {J}ersey compilation manager.
\newblock Manual accompanying {SML/NJ} software, 1995.

Matthias Blume.
\newblock Dependency analysis for {S}tandard {ML}.
\newblock {\em ACM Trans. on Programming Languages and Systems},
  21(4):813--846, July 1999.

S.~I. Feldman.
\newblock Make -- a program for maintaining computer programs.
\newblock In {\em Unix Programmer's Manual, Seventh Edition, Volume 2A}. Bell
  Laboratories, 1979.

Florent Guillaume and Lal George.
\newblock {\em {ML-Burg} Documentation}.
\newblock AT\&T Bell Laboratories, 1993.
\newblock distributed with SML/NJ software.

Robert Harper, Peter Lee, Frank Pfenning, and Eugene Rollins.
\newblock {A} {C}ompilation {M}anager for {S}tandard {ML} of {N}ew {J}ersey.
\newblock In {\em 1994 ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on ML and its Applications}, pages
  136--147, 1994.

Robert Harper, Peter Lee, Frank Pfenning, and Eugene Rollins.
\newblock Incremental recompilation for {Standard ML} of {New Jersey}.
\newblock Technical Report CMU-CS-94-116, Department of Computer Science,
  Carnegie-Mellon University, February 1994.

Brian~W. Kernighan and Dennis~M. Ritchie.
\newblock {\em {T}he {C} {P}rogramming {L}anguage, {S}econd {E}dition}.
\newblock Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07632, 1988.

Robin Milner, Mads Tofte, Robert Harper, and David MacQueen.
\newblock {\em The Definition of {Standard ML} (Revised)}.
\newblock MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1997.

John Reppy and Emden Gansner.
\newblock {S}tandard {ML} {B}asis {L}ibrary.
\newblock (not yet in paper form), 1999.

David~R. Tarditi and Andrew~W. Appel.
\newblock {ML}-{Y}acc, version 2.0.
\newblock Distributed with Standard ML of New Jersey, April 1990.


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