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Thu Dec 14 16:01:33 2000 UTC (20 years, 4 months ago) by blume
File size: 1514 byte(s)
dir tool added
short term:
- binfile module (in compiler) should not have to worry about unpickling;
  (the current interface is just wrong)

medium term:
- compilation units must NOT be identified by their export pid because
  under CM's semantics this pid is not necessarily unique (correction:
  I believe that it is not unique even under old SC semantics);
  the current behavior is actually seriously broken (although you
  almost have to know how to trigger the bug in order to actually trigger it)
- (Related to previous point) move the concept of source paths (SrcPath module)
  much further down towards the basis of the system;
  compilation units should be identifed by their abstract source path;
  the compiler should uniformely talk about source paths (even for "use")
- fix "too large environment after opaque match" problem
  (perhaps cannot be fixed easily (?))

long term:
- Generic notification architecture (ErrorMsg module, Say module, ...);
  this also relies on having the notion of source path available early
- restructure binfiles and library files; implement a dynamic linker for
  libraries that is much more light-weight than CM itself
- implement dynamic loading of stable libraries via shared memory segments
  (mmap); this requires help from the runtime system
- handling of non-generalizability should move to later moment in time
- environment canonicalization
- Try to generalize CM by abstracting from programming language (and compiler),
  so it can work with Twelf, TILT, or things like HOL

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